Have you checked out our shop to see the amazing goodies that makers are creating? We’re talking anything from artisan pickles to vegan lip balm. These makers are the best! And to prove it, we’d like to share with you now (drumroll, please)… their Instagrams! We’ve found some inspirational feeds from some inspirational creators. Their pics will surely make you love them as much as we do, and they just might inspire you to make something, too!

1. @matterialfix: This brand is empowering girls around the globe with each awesome jewelry purchase. In addition to getting sneak peeks of their lovely gold bangles and cuffs, you can see pics of the girls they’re helping on their Instagram feed.

2. @1canoe2: The ladies behind 1canoe2 love letterpress and they’re fantastic designers/illustrators. Lucky for us, that means elegantly crafty cards, calendars and notepads, as well as an awe-inspiring Instagram feed.

3. @hanaleann: One of the perks of going behind the scenes with makers’ Instagrams is getting a heads up about giveaways! And we’d seriously love to win any one of the handmade goodies from Hello Plum Studio.

4. @artofplants: Put your plant pots to rest. Art of Plants is reinventing the planting game. With a scroll through their Instagram, you’ve got backstage passes.

5. @poketo: Ted and Angie of Poketo know a thing or two about putting poppy color and art into your everyday life. Their photos are an instant guide to designing a colorful lifestyle.

6. @rethinkdesignstudio: Joel Snayd and the Rethink Team are pros at designing goodies for your home. You’ll definitely get some interior decorating inspiration from this one.

7. @karenkimmel: This designer’s studio creates housewares that are downright dreamlike, and the way she captures color in her Instagram feed makes us want to party everyday.

8. @museumnails: It’s kind of like following a manicam. They’re not in frames or anything, but these Museum Nails are certainly works of art.

9. @earthcadets: These tribal graphics are some kind of lovely. Earth Cadets brings eclectic prints to the comfiest parts of your home, making them even comfier.

10. @lumi: It’s time to get your print on. Lumi is the creator of Inkodye which is a photosensitive dye you can use to make your own printed swag at home. You can bet that their feed is full of printspiration.

11. @thesmittencollection: If words of wisdom and quirky type are your thing, go ahead and hit “follow” on this one. The Smitten Collection explores calligraphy and type with shiny gold and shades of pink, so naturally we want it all.

12. @scarr_co: Love leather? Then you’ll love Love Dart. Their designs are as durable as they are stunning, and their Instagram offers an entire album of their simply neutral aesthetic.

13. @dodocase: Your stylish gadgets deserve stylish cases, and Dodo knows style. They’re handcrafted right here in the US of A, and if you scroll through their Instagram feed, you’ll see these cases on the road.

14. @halflighthoney: Samantha Carter is the maker behind these stunning ceramics. From crafting the uniquely shaped planters and bowls to coloring and etching them, she does it all.

15. @IdlewildCo: Artist Katie Gastley sure knows her way around a paintbrush. In fact, the painterly touch that she leaves on all of her work is exactly what makes her art so downright eye-catching.

16. @bearseatberries: Can’t get enough of pictures of animals? Neither can Laura of Bears Eat Berries. On her Instagram, you can explore the wild through her outdoor adventures and her beautiful illustrations.

17. @bonnieandneil: Bonnie and Neil will put most color lovers to shame. Bonnie was previously a florist, and her love of color and organic design continued into textiles. Thankfully for us, their brand Instagram is full of textiles and flowers. Win-win.

18. @booandboofactory: If Lisa Frank made jewelry, she would probably make something like this. But these neon statement pieces are actually crafted by Christina Anton in her Chicago studio. Judging by her Instagram, her life is basically a color explosion.

19. @boutiquetextiles: Lauren Rossi of Boutique Textiles is bringing a touch of class to your dinner napkins, table runners, totes and pillows. She prints out of Philadelphia, providing ombre, polka dots and stripes that we can’t help but fall in love with.

20. @wearebrainstorm: Talk about a good time. Briana and Jason are the creative couple behind this endlessly fun print brand, and we can’t get enough of their fun feed or their quirky prints. Also, they operate out of an old mill in New Hampshire, which is more than kind of awesome.

21. @madelinetrait: With just a sheet of plywood, Madeline makes magical cake toppers sure to outshine any candles. In fact, from the looks of her Instagram, it seems like she knows how to deck out every detail of the party.

22. @avrilloreti: Avril Loreti is a master of color palettes. You can see her skills on pillow, towels, placemats and her feed full of colorful explorations of food and art.

23. @dozidesign: You can thank designer Wendy Chung for our addiction to this endless pattern perfection. Her patterns go seamlessly from fabric to paper, and they’re the perfect amount of cute for just about anyone.

24. @appetiteshop: These printed bags and pillows add just the right touch of graphic to your style. Sisters Megan and Erin are the masterminds behind this graphic genius, and their Instagram is a photographic reminder of how awesome they are.

25. @iskelter: The way these makers bring natural textures to tech and office desks is downright idyllic.

We’re always on the hunt for great makers! Let us know if we missed anyone in the comments.