If we open up our phones’ Camera Rolls, there are tons of pictures that never made it to Instagram, yet we keep them for the memories. Then the time comes when those snapshots of memories start to take up our phones’ storage and they end up in a folder on our laptops or on a USB that we never touch again. Prynt is about to change that.


Prynt is a phone case that allows you to instantly print the photos stored on your phone. You can select a picture from your Camera Roll, Facebook or even Instagram. And if the Instagram filters weren’t enough, Prynt comes with filters and frames that you can choose from within the Prynt app to customize your photos. So you better believe it’s time to decorate our walls, DIY some magnets and make a cute Valentine’s Day card.


Oh, and by the way, these photos aren’t your ordinary Polaroid sheets. Prynt uses special paper with embedded ink so you never have to worry about dealing with messy ink cartridges. The best part about this paper? It’s magical. Seriously, it’s Harry Potter status. Behind each photo, you can print out a video. Simply use the app to record a short video and choose the frame that you want to print as the picture. When you want to watch the video, scan the picture with the app and the video will play on the printed sheet.


Prynt will be both iOS and Android compatible with a modular design. So if you end up trading in your iPhone for a Galaxy, you don’t need to get a brand new Prynt device. Just order a new dock adapter, and you’re ready to go. Each Prynt device can hold 10 sheets at a time. Whenever you’re beginning to run out of sheets, you can order some more via the app. You can grab your own Prynt case, plus 20 sheets, with a $99 pledge on Kickstarter. Say cheese and get prynting.


What are you going to make with your Prynt pics? Any DIY projects in mind? Let us know in the comments below!