After Halloween, Valentine鈥檚 Day is definitely the next best holiday when it comes to candy. All the heart-shaped chocolates, red and pink M&M鈥檚 and giant kisses are a thing of beauty. It gets even better when you鈥檝e got kids because you get to help them DIY all those wonderfully cheesy Valentines for their friends and classmates. We鈥檝e found 14 of our favorite silly, laugh-out-loud Valentines for kids and we鈥檙e sure that you鈥檒l love 鈥檈m too.


1. Pucker Up Valentines: Candy and mustaches? We want one too. (via I Heart Naptime)


2. Tiny Animal Valentines: Just grab a bag of dollar store animals and your little one will be ready to gift with these bright printables. (via Sweet C鈥檚 Designs)

glow stick valentine

3. Glow Stick Valentines: If you鈥檝e ever been a kid, you remember how cool glow sticks were鈥 and still are. This Valentine is a definite kid-pleaser. (via Kommunicated)

paper airplane valentine

4. Paper Airplane Valentines: To spare the teacher, you鈥檒l probably want to tell your fave tiny person to wait until after class to hand these aerodynamic cards out. (via No Biggie)

fruity valentine

5. Fruity Tag Valentines: Have your little one hand out these healthy treats to balance out all those Smarties being passed around. (via Craftaholics Anonymous)

bubbles valentine

6. Bubbles Valentine: The best part about this Valentine? Those bubbles will actually freeze outside if it鈥檚 cold enough. (via Love Stitched)

talk nerdy valentine

7. Nerdy Valentine: Nerd alert! You may just want to snag one of these and give it to your SO too. (via No Biggie)

bursting with starbursts

8. Starburst Valentine: Here鈥檚 a simple Valentine that they鈥檒l be eager to burst into. Get it? (via Better Homes and Gardens)

extra valentine

9. Gum Valentine: Don鈥檛 you just love free printables? Especially when it comes to cleverly cheesy Valentines. (via The Crafting Chicks)

awesome sauce valentine

10. Applesauce Valentine: It鈥檚 bright. It鈥檚 printable. It鈥檚 a better option than candy. We鈥檙e in love. (via C.R.A.F.T.)

minion valentine

11. Minion Valentines: We鈥檙e pretty sure these Valentines will have your kids imitating adorable minions, songs about bananas and all. (via The Winthrop Chronicles)

pencil valentine

12. Pencil Valentine: For the kids who can鈥檛 take edible Valentines to school, a cute pencil will just have to do. (via She Wears Many Hats)

bee mine valentine

13. Burt鈥檚 Bees Valentine: We have a feeling that your mini-me鈥檚 classmates will go crazy over this one. Treat yourself to one too while you鈥檙e at it. (via Just Another Day In Paradise)


14. Sucker Valentine: Because in the end, nothing is as magical as a multi-colored sucker. (via Coterie)

What Valentines are your kids making? Tell us below!