Whether we鈥檙e curating the ultimate Spotify playlist or busting out helmet headphones聽when we鈥檙e on the go, we鈥檙e always on the lookout for a smoother listening experience. That鈥檚 why we were psyched to discover the world鈥檚 first wireless earbuds that can be charged right through your phone. PUGZ, designed by techies with a penchant for practical products, allow you to enjoy a no-wire, no-hassle experience while listening to your fave tunes.


By using a patented, self-guiding magnetic connector called 鈥淭he Squircle,鈥 PUGZ enable you to listen to music and charge your earbuds at the same time 鈥斅爓ithout tangles or interruptions. When the battery on your PUGZ is low, just attach The Squircle connectors and continue listening. You can charge your PUGZ on any device port, whether computer (USB), AC-adapter (USB), Android (uUSB) or iPhone (Lightning). By using only three percent of your smartphone battery capacity, you can charge your PUGZ to get four-and-half-hours of music with perfect sound quality and a wide bass range.


Although there are no wires attached to your phone with PUGZ, it鈥檚 compatible with any Bluetooth device, so it can pair with your phone, computer, tablet or even your TV. With PUGZ, you can adjust volume, play, pause or stop tracks, start and end calls or even activate voice commands through Siri or Google Voice. The convenient magnetic cable clips on the PUGZ can be hung around your neck and magnetically clipped into place for on-the-go listening. When you鈥檙e ready to take a call, just separate the clips and answer your VIP call.

PUGZ will be sold in two styles for different listening preferences: 鈥淪ealed鈥 and 鈥淟eaking.鈥 The Sealed setting聽features passive noise cancellation, so that you can focus on your music without hearing surrounding noise. The Leaking option聽鈥渓eaks鈥 a bit of surrounding noise into your ear, along with your intended audio. No matter which聽option聽you choose, your audio integrity will be safe and sound while wearing聽PUGZ.


If you鈥檙e all ears for these wireless earbuds, you can support the PUGZ team鈥檚 Kickstarter campaign by donating $1 or more. Fans have pledged over $300,000 to get their hands on this tech, more than six times their initial campaign goal. Nab聽your own pair with a pledge of $119 and get the dance party started.

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(Images via Kickstarter聽and Pugz)