It’s only been a week since winter break, but you’ve got a serious case of the Mondays (us too — in fact, we’re considering moving to Sweden to get in on their sweet six-hour workday). You’ve tried everything you can think of to brighten up the nine-to-five routine, from adding a pop of pink to your work wear to organizing your entire life with a new planning app, but it’s time for a new strategy. Check out these puntacular office supplies for a sure-fire midday giggle break to cut your office blues in half.


1. Paper Source Kitten Notepad ($8): This 160-page spiral kitty notebook gives new meaning to a scratch pad.


2. Queenie’s Cards Dim Sum Bookmark ($3): Whether you’re reading on your lunch break or keeping track of your page in the quarterly report, this adorable animated bookmark is sure to keep you smiling throughout your day.


3. Vitamini So Long Going Away Card ($5): Stash this adorable dachshund card (handmade in California!) in your desk for endless chuckles.


4. Paper Source I Think You’re Sharp Pencils ($10/set of seven): These pencils are your biggest cheerleader. No matter what the workday has in store for you, a quick glance at these chic pink number twos will give you all the motivation you need to make today awesome.


5. Mod Pop Deco Get Chic Done Print ($7+): For a daily reminder to work hard and stay fabulous, keep this punny print nearby at all times.


6. Have a Little Pun: An Illustrated Play on Words ($15): Need a little break from the office drama? Flip through this beautifully illustrated coffee table book for punbelievable enjoyment.


7. Typo Smooth Operator Gel Pen ($3): What do you get when you add a hit song from the ’80s to all the fun and nostalgia of ’90s gel pens? A punny good time.


8. MomoDigital Donut Give Up Humor Print ($3): No matter what your work day is hitting you with, remember what the master once said: Do or donut, there is no try.


9. Michael Oliveri Studio Lasercut Rulers Rule ($7): Created by Los Angeles native Michael Oliveri, this lasercut ruler is a marvel of motivation.


10. Sugar Paper Brass Snail Mail Letter Opener ($120): Decadent and hilarious, this solid brass snail mail opener is so subtle, your coworkers just might wonder why you’re chuckling to yourself while you open those memos.

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