Adopting an adorable puppy can be one of the most exciting times of your life. All you’ll want to do when you bring your new fur baby home is play with them and take a *million* Instagram pics, so it’s super important to get your living space ready for a rambunctious four-legged pup ahead of time… especially if you’re living in a teensy apartment. Here are 10 must-have essentials to make your transition into puppy parenthood in a small space a little bit easier.


1. Exercise Pen or House: Tons of trainers and dog experts advise starting to crate-train your puppy as soon as you bring him home. Along with a standard exercise pen or crate, make sure to pick up some cute bedding for your pooch too, like this *adorable* Food Dog Teepee ($85) from Pipolli. (Photo via Pipolli)


2. Dog Placemat: Let’s face it — dogs are messy. Keep your living space free from dribbles and spills by picking up a puppy placemat (like the fancy, personalized Three Spoiled Dogs Placemat [$31]). Spend all that time you’re saving not cleaning up snuggling with your little guy. (Photo via ThreeSpoiledDogs)


3. Walking Essentials: While you probably already know that your baby will need a leash and collar for your many adventures, it’s important to pick the best ones. Not only should they be sturdy and comfortable, but finding the right pattern to match your pup’s personality is always important too, like The Dapper Dog Co. Jute Classic Collar ($12). (Photo via The Dapper Dog Co.)


4. A Place to Pee Inside: When you’re trying to house-train your pup, puppy pads are a great tool to keep accidents to a minimum. You can get some pretty cheap plastic options at your local pet store, or there’s even a Shark Tank-backed Kickstarter called Fresh Patch ($28) that offers a grass alternative for a little more moola. (Photo via Fresh Patch)


5. A Techy Exercise Companion: If you want to see how much li’l Fido is running around while you’re at work, you may want to invest in a FitBark ($100), AKA FitBit for dogs. It makes it easy to see if your pup is getting enough exercise throughout the day and is a handy way to notice if something is off in your dog’s routine. (Photo via FitBark)


6. Food and Toy Storage: Depending on the size of your furry friend, you could end up having to buy a *lot* of dog food. Instead of piling up your already tiny apartment with huge bags, get yourself some cute storage for your pup’s food and toys, like these Harry Barker Bon Chien Food Storage Canisters ($56+). (Photo via Harry Barker)

7. Mind-Exercising Toys: Giving your new puppy a task is essential to keeping them out of trouble when you’re out and about. Toys like the KONG Classic Dog Toy ($7) are great mind exercises to challenge your little puppy’s brain and keep them occupied throughout the day. (Photo via KONG)


8. Scented Poop Bags: Nobody likes the smell of number twos — especially your neighbors. Save yourself some awkward encounters by picking up some scented Earth Rated Poop Bags ($7 for 120) ahead of time. (Photo via Earth Rated)


9. Chewing Spray: A teething pup wants to chew on absolutely *everything.* To curb your pup from developing a bad habit that can last throughout their life, try using a no-chew spray like Grannick’s Bitter Apple Spray ($9). It’ll save your couch cushions and shoes from undue harm. (Photo via Grannick’s)

10. A Special Monthly Treat: Go ahead, spoil your new furry baby. Subscription boxes like Barkbox ($21+ per month) are a great way to show your pup that you love ‘em (plus it saves you a trip to the pet store to buy treats and toys).

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