It’s no secret that we’re pretty attached to our smartphones. We love carrying these little devices everywhere, but we have to admit – they’re pretty darn fragile. A misplaced key or an overturned water bottle can totally ruin your phone’s day… and yours! From scratches to water damage, your phone is in danger at every turn. It can use all the extra protection it can get. The newest player in that game? Puracoat, a liquid screen protector that promises to protect your phone against the elements with just a spray.

That’s right. This product promises to resist scratches, water damage, fingerprints, dust and stains. All you have to do is spray the liquid all over the surface of your phone, let it dry, and voila! The company apparently uses the nanotechnology that was developed in high-rise building glass (!!) to keep your phone safe and sound.

The product is also anti-bacterial, which, trust us, is a good thing. We don’t like thinking too hard about the kind of germs that are living on our phones, but we know that keeping them clean is key. A little extra help can never hurt.

Could this all be too good to be true? Well, possibly. We’d be a little worried about testing it against the elements with our smartphones hanging in the balance. But if it does work, we’re hoping this technology is a gamechanger in terms of the production process of smartphones. Regardless of whether the product works as advertised, they do recommend not dunking your phone in water. So, no, your iPhone still can’t go swimming with you ;)

Would you try Puracoat on your smartphone? How do you manage to keep your phone protected while out and about? Let us know your thoughts and share your tips and tricks below!