Between running to work and the gym and staying in touch with friends and family, living out of our purses is a reality for most of us. Besides the obvious debit/credit card, ID, phone and 20 bucks in cash, there are a few purse essentials no single lady should ever be without. Whether you’re on a date, hitting the town with your girlfriends or running between the grocery store and countless other errands, scroll on for a few compact essentials to keep you feeling organized, confident and ready to take on anything.


1. KeySmart 2.0 Key Organizer ($20): Skip the hot bulky mess of keys that sinks to the bottom of your purse, and opt for this super rad minimalist key ring that shrinks your key collection into a simple, compact unit.


2. Pinrose Starter Kit Petal Perfume Pack ($9): Pick up a few sachets of perfectly measured fragrance to freshen yourself up between work and that casual coffee date. There are 13 Pinrose Petals — one of each scent — in this lovely collection.


3. Bad Ass Candles Bad Ass Bitch Lip Balm ($4): Dry and chappy lips, begone! Swipe on this natural Bad-Ass Bitch Balm for a super smooth and kissable pout.


4. Found by B+ C Gold Color Block Clutch ($13): Add a little bling to your daily essentials with this adorable gold color block clutch, and keep the odds and ends in your purse organized.


5. Bando Power Trip Car Charger + Wall Plug ($32): There’s nothing worse than running late and having your phone die on you. Give your hardworking smartphone the love it needs with this pretty charger and wall plug.


6. Laurelwood Home Gentle Hair Ties ($9): Fix any hair dilemma in a jiffy with these chic hair ties by Laurelwood Home. Simply pull back or tie up your locks with ease, and you’re set to impress.


7. Boom Movement Wrap Headphones Mint ($18): Keep these super cute wrap headphones in your purse for that long commute to work, or that spontaneous stroll to your next destination. These mint babies also include a key chain attachment, so you can clip the wrap to your keys, backpack or more with ease.


8. Found by B+C Color Block Pen ($5): A purse without a pen is peanut butter without jelly. Keep these peppy color block pens in your purse to jot down a quick thought, a doodle or that cutie’s phone number.


9. Bittersweet Hair Tie Bracelet ($45): Say bye-bye to those annoying wrist indents. This pretty and practical bracelet bangle has a channel to hold your hair tie and comes in six different colors to suit your fashion-forward style.


10. This Is Ground Cordito Cord and Plug Rollup ($49): Keep your purse tangle free and organized with this must-have gadget to stow away your cords, plugs and smaller gear.


11. Poketo Agenda Planner ($36): Plan your next appointment, errand, girls’ night out or potential date with this small yet compact agenda planner. It even comes with a section for notes to record memorable restaurants, books, movies or exhibitions to keep your social life as bubbly and exciting as you are.


12. Bando Back Me Up Mobile Charger ($30): No outlet to plug in your phone? No problem. Back it up with these cute and compact mobile chargers.

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