To be clear, we’re actually talking about a watch, iPhone app, and 3 clocks that look like the most modern and minimal word search puzzles we’ve ever seen. Meet the Qlocktwo family of timepieces.

With the goal of making you stop to look at time in a different way, the typographical display on each Qlocktwo product turns time into a written statement. Rather than hands telling you that it’s 9:30, Qlocktwo tells you “it is half past nine.”

The Qlocktwo Classic clock is about 18 x 18 inches, made of wood, and can be used as a wall clock or a free-standing object. We love all the different colors available – they look just like the Brit + Co. website! Seeing as this behaves as an art piece as well as a clock, we guess we’re not surprised at the $1,100 price tag.

Next, we’ve got the Qlocktwo Touch ($599). This desktop size darling is just 5 x 5 inches and is the perfect timepiece for your desk, travel, or your nightstand. This one features an alarm lock too.

Even smaller is the Qlocktwo W, a gorgeous piece of arm candy for the modern time teller. On the face of the watch you’ve got a grid of 110 letters. Whenever you press the stainless steel button, words describe the time in a completely different way each time. This one is not shipping yet, but we will keep you posted.

The Qlocktwo app, aptly called Time in Words, is a super simple app that creates the same letter matrix on your phone. Time is displayed in five minute intervals, comes in 4 languages, and a bunch of fun colors.

Last, we’ve got the biggest Qlocktwo around. If you’re all about going big or going home, the Qlocktwo Large is for you. At 35 x 35 inches, it is twice as big as the classic and perfect as an art object for large, open interiors and public spaces. Best of all, this one’s available in 12 languages. Love the idea of installing one in every language in a great hall type space. If you’re interested in this, contact the folks at Biegert & Funk.

What do you think of this different way of telling and viewing time? Talk to us in the comments below.