Here’s the conundrum: You want to look cute, but you also want to get out the door in time. Maybe you woke up late, forgot to make your lunch the night before, or totally misjudged the amount of time you had to get ready for your friend’s birthday dinner. No sweat: Here are easy hairstyles for all hair lengths.

easy hairstyles, side braid

1. For Long Hair: The Side Braid

Let’s face it: a side braid is always cute. The one above, called Subtle Twist Into Side Braid, is one of our new favorites. It only takes about 5 minutes and requires two skills: twisting your hair and braiding your hair. We also love variations on the side braid, like the fishtail braid, a braid on either side, and the mermaid braid. (Via Cute Girls Hairstyles)

easy hairstyles, messy waves

2. For Medium-Length Hair: Messy Waves

Medium length hair can always be tossed up into a messy bun with a little maneuvering, some bobby pins, and firm-hold hairspray. But we love the look of messy waves on a medium mane. Here, YouTube user Jamie Johnston demonstrates how to achieve this edgy look in minutes using a straightening iron instead of a curling iron. We think her technique is brilliant! (Via Jaime Johnston/YouTube)


3. For Short Hair: Play with Your Part

Short hair can be tricky to be creative with, simply because there isn’t much to work with. But short hair can also look incredibly chic, whether slicked back or left natural. One of our favorite quick, high-impact techniques for short hair is to experiment with your part: you’d be surprised what a difference it can make to your overall look. Above, Michelle Williams opts for the dramatic side part, which works best when you go against the natural grain of your hair because it provides more body. You can also use a comb to master the zig-zag part, or go the middle-part route (which isn’t for everyone). Make sure to use firm-hold spray and keep your hands off so your look stays put. (Via

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