When the weather is like it is now — bitter cold, blistering wind and freezing snow — the last thing you want to do is get out of your warm bed early for an extensive beauty routine. On the other hand, you don’t necessarily want to go straight to hat hair before you eat breakfast — your hair deserves some styling, and that’s whether you’re heading into work or granting yourself an impromptu snow day. Five-minute easy hairstyles to the rescue. Scroll on for 11 ‘dos that will have you looking all kinds of stylish on days that are winter wonderland IRL.

FRONTROW Braid Easy Hairstyle

1. Front-Row Braid: No need to grab a headband to pull hair out of your face — you can simply create one with this front-row braid. Start at your hairline and work your way back on each side, then secure each braid with a bobby pin or hair tie. For some added texture, spritz a bit of salt spray through your tresses to give them hold and style. (via Barefoot Blonde)


2. Double Ponytail: Forget extensions; this hair hack will help you achieve longer locks in minutes. In an unexpected take on the classic ponytail, this style requires two ponytails, one on top of the other. The result is the illusion of one super long, voluminous pony that adds all kinds of fullness to your mane. (via Promise Tangeman)


3. Bobby Pin Art: How about a hair routine that takes five seconds? Grab a few nearby bobby pins and get to work creating a fun design to perk up even the tiredest of ‘dos. Bonus if you have any fun colors to coordinate with your outfit. (via Cosmopolitan)


4. Easy Chignon: This chic style might look as if it took hours of perfecting to achieve, but in reality it’s as easy as it is elegant. Simply tie your locks back in a low pony and flip it up and through to achieve these enviable, fuss-free tresses. (via LuLu*s)


5. Messy Crossover Pony: With just a few extra steps added to your typical ponytail, this hairstyle certainly won’t take you long. Just be sure to add a bit of tease and hairspray to maximize the volume. (via Truelane)


6. Low, Messy Bun: A bun is a great way to finish off any ensemble, and we’re particularly enamored with how sophisticated this low, messy bun looks. Once you’ve tied your hair up, give your mane a bit of texture by haphazardly taking out some strands to frame your face. (via A Beautiful Mess)


7. Knotty Ponytail: Step up your ponytail game with this twist on the classic style. Start off with your regular ol’ side pony and follow it up by adding a knotted braid to the top layer. (via Brit + Co)


8. Double Fishtail Braid: This style proves that more grown-up pigtails are in fact possible — and we’re kind of obsessed. Section your hair into two parts and get to work fishtail braiding, using a hair tie to keep each in place. (via Kassinka)


9. Top Knot: Has there ever been a hairstyle more effortlessly chic than the top knot? Take a cue from just about every off-duty model look ever with this easily replicable hairdo. It looks fab with everything and takes mere seconds to create, making it the best option for the days that you keep hitting that snooze button. (via The Freckled Fox)


10. Half Up Top Knot: Whether you’re rocking a lob or just made the change to a swag, you can make this style work for pretty much any length. To get the look for yourself, take your knowledge of the top knot and just apply it to the top layer of your locks. The ‘do is low maintenance and functional for any weather Mother Nature might throw at you. (via Treasures and Travels)

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11. The Perfectly Messy Ponytail: Believe it or not, there’s some skill involved in creating the perfectly un-perfect hairstyle, like this messy ponytail. There’s a surprising amount of teasing and volume involved in achieving that beautiful balance between bedhead and put together, but there’s no better style to rock when there’s a blizzard outside and all you want to do is snuggle up in a sweater. (via Camilla Pihl)

Do you keep your regular beauty routine on snow days, or do you opt for five-minute makeovers? Let us know your thoughts @BritandCo!