We don’t know about you, but we’re so very excited for pumpkineverything and rolling around in leaves. Oh… we’re the only ones who do that? Oh. Anyways. Your ensemble wouldn’t be nearly complete without a stockpile of rain boots. Forget childhood memories of floppy boots that you couldn’t make cute no matter how hard you tried. These days, you have some serious options when it comes to footwear that will keep your toesies dry. Feel free to match up your pair with an umbrella or raincoat for extra adorable-ness!

1. Hunter Huntress in Gloss ($148): Extra shine for extra glamour, these boots are sure to turn heads while the adjustable strap will keep water out all day (and night!).

2. Chooka Classical Dot Rain Boot ($65): Puddle-proof and cutesy — get down with your not so bad-self.

3. Joules Ladies’ Wellingtons ($64): Bows are all the rage. Make sure you get in on the action with a grown-up version.

4. Hunter + Rag and Bone Leather-Effect Wellington Boots ($295): Pair a zipper and strap with a two-tone look for double the structure, double the style.

5. Hunter Regent Apsley Tweed Wellington Boots ($100): Tweed! Gasp. Waterproof! Double gasp. Can we just wear these all year round?

6. Red Women’s Evedon Rain Boots ($105): Another bow look that will most definitely spice up your all-black ensemble as you brave a storm.

7. Original Packable Tour Rain Boots ($98): Go for a classic look with traditional yellow wellies. You’ll be brightening up your dreary day and channeling your inner Hermione Granger.

8. Bright Orange and White Striped Rain Boots ($78): You can never go wrong with stripes. A little bit Nemo, a little bit rock and roll, your feet will be sensational.

9. Chooka Top Solid Plum ($46): Durability is certainly sexy when it means dry socks. Get your feet in these boots, and you’ll be singin’ in the rain all day long.

10. Lace Up Rain Boot Tall Yellow ($159): Get a little ’90s with these lace up boots — the Dr. Martens meets English wellies mashup you’ve been waiting for.

11. Professor Rain Boot Navy ($29): Like we said — BOWS! The fact that they’re shorties means you could wear these with almost anything and look impossibly chic.

12. Tretorn Kelly Rain Boot ($40): Who says you have to give up mint once summer ends? These boots will be a cheery reminder of good times past (and to come) as you trudge to work in the rain.

13. Loeffler Randall Rain Bootie ($75): Um, are these just regular shoes that we can add to our fall style? Because we’re loving them. Seriously. And that little lift of the heel makes them even saucier.

14. Chooka Top Solid Mid Rain Boot ($65): If you live in a place that doesn’t require you to walk through water up to your knees, these bright beauties are the choice for you. Calf high but 100% waterproof, promise!

15. Hunter Original Tour ($148): No one said you had to sacrifice style for dryness!

16. Lace Up Rain Boot Short Turquoise ($135): With another pair of Dr. Martens-inspired treads, you’ll have no choice but to bust out your flannel shirts.

17. Hunter Original Short ($138): Another pair of perfectly waterproof boots that still show off your calves, these yellow wellies are reminiscent of childhood, but with better style.

18. Jeffrey Campbell Forecast Rain Boot ($70): We bet these booties look good with everything — under jeans, with tights, under your PJs. That means they’re a worthwhile investment that you and your toes deserve.

19. Red Valentino Bow Rain Boot ($175): We know. It’s tempting to match your outfit to the gray skies, but put a little cheer in your step with these bright booties.

20. Women’s Welly, Yellow ($20): How can you have a bad day wearing these? Seriously. Just look down anytime you’re feeling grumpy and be reminded of what great fashion sense you have.

21. Loeffler Randall Back Zip Rain Boots ($195): These boots are seriously sexy. As sexy as your standard black boots. So why not switch out one of your staples for a dry alternative?

22. Hunter Boots Original Stripe Tall Boots ($160): Try not to dance when you’re wearing these bright, fun boots. We dare you.

23. Bogs Tacoma Solid Tall ($100): Whether you’re camping, braving the subway or just running out to grab the mail, they’ll be the lifesaver you need all monsoon season long.

24. Mel by Melissa Mel Goji Berry ($75): These cream boots are the kind you can wear from day to night, office to happy hour and fall to spring. Anything goes with these bad boys.

25. Tory Burch Maureen Rain Boots ($137): The trim and the gold logo give these boots just the bit of sophistication we were looking for. Now you’re office appropriate.

26. Women’s Print Rain Boot Wellies, Jubliee ($69): Remind yourself of what you have to look forward to with a spring scene that’ll stay with you all day long.

27. Women’s Rain Boot Wellibobs, Navy Stripe ($44): One can never ever, ever go wrong with stripes. With all that water around you, wearing these will give you a major nautical feel.

28. Jelly Pink Rubber 8-Eye Classic Rain Boot ($60): See-through boots!! You know you miss your old jellies, and now you can have them back. Just make sure you don’t wear hole-y socks!

29. Electric Karma Rain Boot ($40): These boots are an automatic cheer up when it’s pouring rain. Try to mix with bright or bold patterns for extra color on an otherwise gray day.

30. Women’s Print Rain Boot Wellies, Navy Dog ($70): You love puppies, we love puppies. Maybe puppies will flock to your boots while you wear these around town. Wouldn’t that be the dream?

Got a favorite pair of wellies? Show us a selfie in the comments below!