You can always count on Josh Scherer from Culinary Bro-Down to come through with something as mind-blowing as a ramen donut, or as he’s calling them, RAMUTS. The new Cronut? We think not, but after reading about them (first via Mashable), we shockingly didn’t want to run away from the idea of ramen donuts and leave a shattering hole in the wall like the Kool-Aid man. So maybe give these badass donuts a chance.

Here’s a jelly ramen donut.

And a Boston cream ramen donut.

Here’s a lone ramen donut, pretty in pink.

Here’s a group of ramen donuts hanging out together.

Here’s a group or ramen donuts standing on top of one another and just looking strangely beautiful and delicious.

The recipe involves six packs of instant ramen, eggs, horchata and various frostings and fillings, but we’ll let you read all about it on Scherer’s original post. In addition to divulging the recipe, it is so freaking funny. You have to read it.

Which flavor ramnut do you want to try first? Let us know in the comments below!