Every year, on the first Friday of June, something sweet happens. It’s National Donut Day. (Hooray!) And since we take all holidays very seriously — especially those that involve an excuse to indulge — we’re taking the cue to celebrate! So go ahead, read on to find out how you can get your fix. After all, it’s Friday. Eat a donut!

1. Baked Peanut Butter Chocolate Donuts: This recipe just fulfilled every donut dream we’ve ever had. This nut-bedecked variety begs to be eaten. Insanely good. (via The Candid Appetite)

2. Donut Party Printables: What’s a party without printables? Jazz up your donuts a bit with these pretty pennants. (via No Biggie)

3. Mini Donut Waffles: Donuts aren’t usually a dessert you can throw together at the last minute. Here’s a recipe that allows you to whip up a quick version without losing any of its appeal. Totally acceptable breakfast fare. (via The Kitchen Magpie)

4. Donut Cake: Some days are just sweeter than others. We’re gonna go ahead and throw this out there: a donut a day keeps the blues away. Take your day to new heights with this showstopper. There’s no question it’s worth every calorie. (via Joy the Baker)

5. Mini Donuts with Strawberry Milkshake: One donut, please! Oh, and we’ll take a milkshake with that. We’ll need something to wash down all that deliciousness. (via Christina Greve)

5. DIY Ombre + Colorblock Donuts: What’s your donut preference? Some like ’em filled. Some like ’em glazed. Some can’t live without sprinkles. And then there’s the ombre crowd. Yes, ombre donuts. The humble powdered donut takes on delightful new hues with edible food coloring spray. What a great way to pretty up a dozen of the store-bought ‘nuts! (via Paper + Stitch)

6. Coffee and Donuts Milkshake: Who says 7 a.m. can’t be happy hour? Good things happen when coffee and donuts come together. This combo makes a caffeine-loaded milkshake collision that’s so crazy good, you’ll be setting your alarm to get up for it. (via How Sweet Eats)

7. Wooden Donuts Craft: We’re going nuts over these cute wooden donuts! When your kids are on a sugar-high from all the celebratory eating, keep their little hands busy crafting these fun sweeties. (via Ikat Bag)

8. Baked Nutella Doughnuts: Here, a (baked, not fried) classic is taken to the next level of sweet glazed deliciousness. Nutella, meet donut. (via Cooking Classy)

9. I’m Donuts Over You Free Printable: It doesn’t matter if your donuts are gourmet or not when they’re gifted in these darling boxes. Your co-workers will be giddy with delight. (via Sugar + Charm)

10. Vanilla Bean Donuts: Okay, donuts definitely don’t have to be picture-perfect to make us buy them. But when a dessert is this pretty, they’re absolutely impossible to resist. #cantsayno (via Cooking Classy)

11. Free Doughnuts: Krispy Kreme knows how to party. Pop into any location on today to scoop up your FREE donut. No purchase necessary! (via Krispy Kreme)

How many donuts will you down today? We’d like to say one or two… but with all this deliciousness, we might eat more than a few!