It’s almost the end of September people! This week at Brit HQ, we’re celebrating this month’s fantastic foray into fall with cranberry cocktails, spooky nail art, and our awesome new Brit + Co. Halloween Shop. But not all the goodness we find online can make it into its very own article. Hence, it’s time for the BritList!

1. SLÎT Bike Rack: This neat and tidy bike rack is a great temporary or permanent solution to bicycle storage. Simply unfold when you need to hang your bike, and fold back up when you don’t. You can also use it to shelf non-bike-related things! ;)

2. Textured Wine Chillers: For a beautiful wine chiller that doesn’t look like an extra long lunch bag, we’re loving the look and feel of these textured chillers. They also make a great chic disguise for those $5 bottles of wine we all know and love.

3. Star Wars Skinny Ties: Fashion inspired by Star Wars doesn’t always have to mean braided buns, robotic high heels, and the like. These patterns all take their inspiration from our favorite space-bound franchise, and do it ever so stylishly.

4. Turn Nearly Anything into a Speaker: This Instructables tutorial will teach you how to turn anything – ok, just about anything – into a speaker. Love this use of a cheese grater!

5. Spoiler Foiler: Hate spoilers on Twitter? Us too! This Twitter plug-in makes sure spoilers are blacked out until you’re ready to see them.

6. Ramen Crust Pizza: And the food innovators of the Internet strike again. This time, it’s ramen noodles as pizza crust. For real.

7. Cocktail Layering Tool: Want to get that perfectly striped or ombre cocktail you’ve always dreamed of? Turns out, mixologists and bartenders have a top secret tool for that!

8. Plus Sign Blankets: These sweet little blankets caught our eye because of that fetching little plus sign! We could definitely use a few around Brit HQ for chilly late nights.

9. Car Air Bed: Is the back seat not quite cozy enough for napping? Why not buy an airbed made JUST for cars? We think this is one invention that maybe went a little too far, and could maybe be DIYed with a pool float.

10. Pop Desk: We’ve swooned over the pop phone for ages, but it’s time to take it to the next level. The pop desk is a full on desk phone for your iPhone. We love it.

11. Candy Corn Marshmallow People: These marshmallow candy corn people simply make us smile. Trick or treat!

12. “Bubble Wrap” Oven Mitt: Finally, a strange and beautiful item from the MoMA store. And don’t worry – it’s not actually made out of bubble wrap :)

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online this week? Share links with us in the form (or in the comments) below. Happy Friday!