Buying a carpet or rug is always a bit of a challenge. You want one that looks good, but not so good that you worry about spills, mud, and everything in between. You don't want a glorified bathmat just because it's machine washable. And you can't always justify lugging a rug to the dry cleaner or bringing in professionals because of one spill.

Now, thanks to Ruggable's ingenious 2-piece rug system, you can not only wash your rug easily but you can affordably change it out for other patterns whenever you change decor.

A cushioned non-slip rug pad acts as as solid base to a variety of stylish covers. The covers firmly attach to the rug bad but are easy to remove, machine washable, and interchangeable.

The rug pad itself is water-resistant, making it easy to wipe-off, and the non-slip action means you don't need an additional rug pad underneath.

Ruggable covers range from $30 to $125 based on size, and rug pads range from $15 to $75. Totally affordable, and so easy to change up!

Choose from a handful of sizes, patterns, textures and colors. From a powder white sixties shag to modern geometric pattern, even with just a few options you're sure to find a rug that suits your home. More sizes and patterns coming soon!

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