The best part of every week is finally here: the weekend! There are endless opportunities ahead, but if this weekend is calling for more relaxation time than party time, and if you can鈥檛 manage a low-key getaway (who can?!), we鈥檝e got 12 rad relaxation essentials that will pair perfectly with your new vegan cookie baking project or your Netflix marathon.


1. Ms. Betty鈥檚 Bad Ass Bitches Candle ($18): The first thing everyone does when they get home and want to relax is light a candle, and for good reason. The warm light and sweet scents of candlelight can calm almost anyone down in a flash.


2. Herbs + Oils Bath Test Tube Salt Soak ($12): The next item on any relaxing weekend list is to take a long, luxurious bath. This set of three bath salt test tubes will take your regular ol鈥 bathing experience to the next luxe level and will leave your skin feeling the softest it ever has.


3. Print Liberation Rap Music T-Shirt ($24): When you get home from work on Friday and you鈥檙e settling in for a lazy weekend, throw this tee on and don鈥檛 change out of it until Monday morning. It鈥檚 so cute and comfy that once the weekend is over, it might actually be a battle to pry it off.


4. Kikkerland Robot Tea Infuser ($10): When it鈥檚 cold out, there鈥檚 hardly a better feeling than staring out the window while drinking a hot cup of tea and knowing that you never, ever have to step foot outside all day (if you don鈥檛 want to). This little robot is the cutest way to steep said tea.


5. Make Collaboration Prop Laptop Stand ($16): If you鈥檙e having a Netflix movie marathon in bed, this prop stand is just what you need. No one wants to deal with the hassle of trying to balance a laptop on their legs while also trying to eat Ben and Jerry鈥檚 sans spills.


6. Fig+Yarrow Apothecary Facial Care Kit ($74): If you鈥檙e spending the weekend in, treat your face to an intensely restorative session with this facial care kit. You鈥檝e got the time and, come Monday, your skin will be glowing so much that your co-workers will think you spent the weekend at the spa.


7. Modern Sprout Kraft Seed Starter Kits ($17): There is no better time to start a little at-home garden than on a lazy weekend when you can dedicate yourself to setting it up just right. Get rockin鈥 now, and in a few weeks you鈥檒l be spicing your food with herbs you grew all by yourself.


8. Ms. Betty鈥檚聽Bad Ass Whipped Body Butter ($10): When you鈥檝e finally emerged from your luxurious bath, the next thing to do is slather yourself with silky body butter to lock in the moisture. This badass approach is the best way to do it 鈥 confidence boost included, no extra charge.


9. Bhold Beard Sound Pod ($39): If you鈥檙e chillin鈥 so hard that you can鈥檛 do anything but listen to music, or if you鈥檙e devouring book after book and need some background tunes, play your fave jams at room volume by simply dropping your phone into this gorgeous and minimal ceramic sound pod.


10. The Art of Hair by Rubi Jones ($17): If you鈥檙e getting bored of your usual 鈥榙o but aren鈥檛 looking to get a cut or dye job, this book will give you all the inspiration you need to try something new without changing anything major. A weekend at home is the perfect opportunity to try a few styles you like and settle on one for Monday.


11. Denik C.S. Lewis Notebook ($12): If journaling has been on your mind and is at the top of your lazy weekend to-do list, this notebook will give you all the motivation you need, thanks to the compelling and motivational C.S. Lewis quote that adorns its cover.


12. Ticket Chocolate Caramel Marshmallows ($18): No lazy weekend is complete without at least a little bit of junk food. These caramel-covered marshmallows fit the bill perfectly. They鈥檙e so decadently delicious that you might not be able to stop at just one box鈥 and that鈥檚 A-okay.

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