By now you’ve almost certainly heard that we’re coming to Texas for our first ever Re:Make Austin on May 3rd and 4th. Before reading any further, be sure to head here, here, or here to register. It’s not too early to commit — we promise :)

Now you might be thinking, why should I spend a gorgeous Saturday in May hanging out with the Brit + Co. folks? Well if these (paper) good reasons didn’t sway you, maybe this collection of rad tech-cessories will.

1. Arrow Phone Case ($39): The problem with cute phone cases is that so often they’re only made for iPhones. Well, we’ve got good news: The folks from ChristinaMarieB make cases for seven different phone models, including Samsung phones that run Android. We’re especially digging the colors on this arrow phone case. (via ChristineMarieB)

2. Classic Backpack ($75): Backpacks are BACK! Or were they ever gone? What better way to lug around that heavy laptop than with a backpack? It’s definitely the most ergo option, and in this case an oh-so-stylish one too. (via Esperos)

3. You Turn Me On Canvas ($100): Okay fine, you caught us. This might not be a tech-cessory per se, but once upon a time, a light bulb was the latest in technology :) Plus, we’re totally digging this maker’s light-hearted sass. (via betawife)

4. Felt Sleeve Macbook Air ($55): This self-proclaimed “rugged yet refined” Macbook sleeve definitely caught the eyes of several girls and guys here at Brit HQ. We love the look of worn leather against the gray felt. (via Manready Mercantile)

5. Patterned Bamboo iPhone Case ($35): This might just be our very favorite way to dress your tech Re:Make style. The folks from SavvieDesignCo make custom wooden laser-engraved phone cases out of bamboo. How rad is this tribal pattern? (via SavvieDesignCo)

6. Confetti Mousepad ($16): No it’s not too ‘90s to get a fun mousepad. Even if they’re not as functional as they used to be, they’re still a great way to add a pop of color to your desk. (via ChristineMarieB)

7. Find The Good iPhone Case ($35): We have to share just one more of the bamboo cases from SavvieDesignCo. Find the Good? Well, we did find a good phone case :) (via SavvieDesignCo)

8. Hello Phone Case ($39): Hello! We’d really love to see you at Re:Make. Oh, and by the way, you can snag this cute phone case while you’re there. (via ChristineMarieB)

That’s all folks. To see all the other awesome tech-cessories at Re:Make you’ll just have to join us on May 3rd and 4th. One last time, don’t forget to register here, here, or here. See y’all soon.