As Father’s Day approaches, it’s hard to resist buying Dad the most classic of gifts: A brand new tie. But maybe your pops has about a million ties on his automated tie rack, or maybe he’s retired and happy with the 5 he kept after your mom went on a decluttering binge. Either way, it’s time to go for a more unconventional tie this year, one that’s been turned into a belt, one that doubles as a pillow, or maybe even one that’s been turned into a flask!

1. Pillow Tie ($20): Originally making its appearance on the BritList, the Pillow Tie is one of our favorite inventions ever. Simply inflate, and catch those sorely needed zzzzz’s.

2. Recycled Tie Photo Album: Repurpose old ties into colorful photo albums or passport holders. (via Lil Blue Boo)

3. Camera Strap Tie ($30): Is your dad a shutterbug? Then he’ll love this hip alternative to the traditional tie, and much better looking than that black nylon strap his camera came with.

4. Necktie Wrap Watch: This might be a little too girly for a dude, but your dad, brother, or boyfriend will get a kick out of seeing an old tie in watch form. (via Candid Gifts)

5. Flask Tie ($25): Alright, this might beat the pillow tie. Okay, it totally beats the pillow tie… not that we’re condoning drinking at the office ;)

6. Necktie iPod Case: Now, back to repurposing. We love the sort of nautical style of this DIY iPod case. (via Cafe Mom)

7. Recycled Cassette Tape Skinny Tie ($90): This tie is made of recycled cassette tapes! Your 80s loving dad will definitely dig it, even if he’s not totally comfortable with the skinny tie.

8. Tie Pillows: We love the idea of using ties to trick out basic throw pillows. (via Shutterstitch)

9. Washboard Tie ($19): Wow. Just… wow.

10. Tie Bracelets: How cute are these? With the right print, even your favorite father could rock them. The only problem? We can’t find anywhere online to buy or DIY them :(

11. Tie Belt: You’ve likely seen a tie belt before, but it’s a tried and true way to repurpose old ties in a funky wearable way.(via Crafty Little Gnome)

12. Pocket Tie: And last we’ve got the pocket tie! An oldie but a goodie from the Brit + Co. archive, follow this tutorial to learn how to add a pocket for your cash, cards, and smartphone to the inside of your tie. (via Brit + Co.)

What’s the most creative or unusual tie or repurposed tie project you’ve ever seen? Share it with us in the comments below.