If you’ve ever been to San Francisco, you’ve probably been more than a little disturbed by the weather. What you thought you were going to get is California rays all day, but what you got was a cool morning, an extra application of pitstick midday and lots and lots of fog, wind and having to buy an extra jacket at night. For residents of this fickle city, what this equates to is a lot of layering, which means always carrying around a weekend’s worth of clothes. ANNOYING.

But, life is about to change around here. There is one reversible jacket to rule them all. It cools when we’re H-O-T hot and warms when we’re shivering in our boots. And it’s called the Roccia Rossa.

Thanks to University of Innsbruck in Austria, a new material has been developed called polychromLAB. Produced in northern Italy, the material has the ability to control temperature swings by 6 degrees celsius in either direction. By our mathemagical calculations that’s almost 11 degrees fahrenheit. That’s no small temp change, friends.

So, let’s say you’re in Miami and you’re out for a morning jog. You know you’re going to be sweating like a teenager at a free dance in seconds flat. So you wear the crazy-reflective orange side out. That Sunshine-State-approved color deflects 45 percent of UV rays and dissipates heat from within the jacket, keeping you just a little warmer than cooler than a cucumber.

Alright. Your run is done. Now you’re going to want breakfast. So you walk into a restaurant that is freakishly over air conditioned, and you’re suddenly cooler than being cool (ICE COLD!). Just reverse the jacket so the matte blue side is out and sit semi near a window, because that jacket is now going to absorb all of the UV rays… well almost all of them, 99 percent if you want to really get down to the details.

Trust this stuff is for real. It’s scientifically proven and was developed out of a real need for people who are wandering around the Alps, where weather can change drastically in seconds and become a real threat to anyone who is in the elements.

By now you just know you have to have this jacket. I mean, it’s going to be totally life changing, right? Well, start saving those pennies. The Roccia Rossa hasn’t been released quite yet, but an older black and white version, the Alta Quota, is available right now for a cool (or warm, depending which side is out) $974. We know… but just think how much money you’ll save on… scarves… or something like that.

Oh and you know an Italian-made product is going to have a super sexy promo vid attached to it, so let’s watch that now.

What do you guys think? Worth the splurge? Awe worthy regardless? Talk to us in the comments below.