Dammit, Janet! Rocky Horror Picture Show will be premiering on October 20, and we couldn’t be more excited. If you’re scrambling to fit a watch party into your schedule amidst all of the Halloween party-planning, costume-making and treat-prepping, then you’re in luck. The inspo below will take your party from zero to hero in no time. Get ready to save a few of these on-point ideas and start perfecting your Time Warp skills.


1. ohgoshCindy Rocky Horror Picture Show Buttons ($2+): Everyone loves a little party flair and any RHPS fan will love reppin’ their favorite character on their denim jacket this fall.


2. Undici Vintage Rocky Horror Picture Show Vintage Tee ($280): Calling all serious fans! This super soft piece of history is worth a pretty penny, and rightfully so. Go and take your crown at the watch party — you’ve earned it.


3. Rocky Horror Picture Show-Themed Invitation: A watch party like this deserves a killer invitation. Take a little inspiration from this spooky-cute invite. You can send them via snail mail or email. (via Confessions of a Transylvanian)


4. Printable Rocky Horror Picture Show Party Straws: Simply print out these lips on cardstock and pluck them onto some straws. It’ll leave you with plenty of time to perfect the cocktail menu. (via ModCircus)


5. Time Warp Instructable Download: RHPS is all about audience participation — even at a watch party! This helpful printable will get all of the Rocky Horror newbies acquainted with the dance moves. (via Rocky Themes)


6. USAopoly Rocky Horror Picture Show Trivia Set ($40): This trivia set is a great way to get your guests fired up before and after the show. And the questions are written by the fan club president, so you know they’re legit.


7. Tiny Meatloaf on a Stick: What’s a Rocky Horror watch party without the meatloaf (again)? (via Tiny Food Party!)

8. SACASUSA Feather Boa ($12): Any true fan knows the importance of playing dress up at this watch party. Stock up on different colors for photo-ops or just go with a classic black.


9. Bourbon Cocktail Sausages: You just can’t throw a proper Rocky Horror party without some of Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s sausages. This recipe is all time. (via Betty Crocker)

10. Dr. Frank-N-Furter Makeup Tutorial: It’s pretty much a given that you and your guests will be dressing up. This makeup tutorial will have you rocking that Dr. Frank-N-Furter look in no time. (via Raw Beauty Kristi)


11. Columbia Costume: There’s plenty of costume inspo for all things Rocky Horror out there, but this Columbia costume is everything. Good thing Halloween is right around the corner… (via Patrick Sun)

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