We clink our proverbial glasses and virtually *cheers* a lot of new innovations around here, but here’s one that deserves a special toast. Scientists in Singapore have developed a simple new way to help you tell if your drink has been tampered with and we want it in every bar and college campus around town. Or how about just in a little dropper in our clutches?

Researchers at the National University of Singapore have created a liquid that will turn bright orange in less than 30 seconds when mixed with a drink that contains GHB. The common “date rape drug” is odorless, tasteless, easily masked by alcohol and can cause unconsciousness or even seizures when imbibed.

There are actually a couple products out there that will alert you if your drink has been “roofied.” DrinkSavvy‘s line of rophenol-detecting glasses and straws found funding last year through an IndieGogo campaign and would be ideal barware to come already stocked in a watering hole that puts your safety first. Drink Safe Tech makes paper coasters that tell you if your sip has been spiked. Good news — these are currently being tested at select colleges.

A liquid that alerts you ASAP to your drink being drugged would be easier, faster and more subtle (maybe especially important if you feel like you’re in danger in a certain situation) for you to be in control of while out. The researchers behind this plan on creating and marketing a GHB test kit — we’ll stay tuned!

What technologies and innovations would you take out . Would you carry a liquid like this with you?

(h/t: TIME)