Summer doesn’t technically end for another couple of weeks, but Labor Day weekend is about as official a send-off as the season gets. With any luck, you’re hitting up or maybe even hosting an amazing long weekend party, or maybe you’ve decided to stick close to home and get you and your space organized for the return to routine and chillier months ahead. Either way, there is ONE thing you should be doing to send summer off (and to treat yourself — duh), and it is scarfing this rosé snow cone. NOW.

The fine folks at Brooklyn’s favorite popsicle company, People’s Pops, graciously shared the recipe for their heavenly shaved ice treat with Pop Sugar. By substituting more complicated shaved ice with some simple blended ice cubes, you’ll be dreaming of this one till next summer. All you’ll need are some peaches, jasmine (or whatever flavor you like!) tea, sugar, water and — duh — rosé.

Bring the peaches, tea (in a sachet), sugar and water to a boil in a saucepan, then simmer it all for about 20 minutes. Strain the mixture and refrigerate that delicious syrup you’ve just made. Pour equal parts syrup and rosé over your shaved or crushed ice, and voila! All you’ve gotta do is top it with some tasty Champagne gummy bears, and you’ve got yourself a fancy, boozy treat.

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(h/t Pop Sugar, featured photo via @peoplespops)