The degree of separation between young A-listers is pretty much zilch, and this news definitely proves it. Sure, Selena Gomez may or may not have had a thing with Niall Horan, and we ALL know that 鈥淚 Knew You Were Trouble鈥 by Taylor Swift, Selena鈥檚 BFF, is about Harry Styles, but their relationship goes deeper than that. In case you haven鈥檛 heard, Selena Gomez, who is also launching her own Netflix series, is embarking on her Revival tour from May 6 to July 9, and she鈥檚 hired a very talented and totally unexpected rising MUA to hit the road with her.


News broke recently that Selena鈥檚 new on-tour MUA is none other than Louis Tomlinson鈥檚 younger sister Lottie Tomlinson. If you鈥檝e been following the teen on Instagram, you know that the girl has pretty impressive style + beauty chops. The 17-year-old also is a bonafide YouTube beauty guru with over 135,000 subscribers.


According to Hello Magazine, the pair met backstage at The X Factor in the UK, where Lottie was assisting her hair and makeup mentor Lou Teasdale. Lottie gave Selena a touch up, and the 鈥淗ands to Myself鈥 singer liked it. Since then, Lottie has done Selena鈥檚 makeup for other red carpet events. Therefore, it鈥檚 no surprise that Selena reached out to her friend. It鈥檚 not Lottie鈥檚 first time at the rodeo 鈥 she assisted during her big brother Louis鈥 tour previously with One Direction 鈥 and the teen MUA admitted to Hello, 鈥淚 know a lot of what to expect. But it鈥檚 different because I鈥檒l be on my own at first; I won鈥檛 have my brother or Lou or anyone with me.

Good luck, Lottie. We have a feeling you鈥檒l do just fine.

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(Photos via @selenagomez + @lottietomlinson)