Sephora has already proven to be an innovator when it comes to trying on makeup quickly (read: virtually), but it has really outdone itself with its latest in-a-pinch product that lets you apply your makeup completelyhandsfree. Introduced today* via the brand’s Instagram, the Sephora Collection Sheet Hack — ”the ultimate in lazy girl beauty” — is a single-use sheet mask that puts on all of your makeup for you, making your AM routines way more efficient and a whole lot creepier.


Sephora offers a four-step tutorial to go along with the revolutionary makeup mask that includes all the products you’d need to walk into work with a flawless face — brow filler, mascara, blush and a deep berry lip are all placed on the circular sheet to match your features. According to the instructions, the application is too easy: you place the mask carefully onto a clean face and then let it sit for 10 minutes. Sephora recommends you go about the rest of your day while it works its makeup artist magic, like “eating a well-balanced breakfast, reading your horoscope or hiding behind the couch and startling your loved ones.” Oh, and be sure to take a mask #selfie.

The final step to this time-saving template: “WORK YOUR LOOK.” Trust Sephora on this one: it can stand up to your busy desk-to-gym-to-date schedule. “This makeup is is waterproof, smudge-proof, budge-proof, melt-proof…it’s basically permanent! You can only take it off with the Sephora Collection Sheet Delete makeup remover (available online only).” It’s the kind of high-performance product we expect from Sephora. Now let’s hope the brand gets to making ones especially for date night, spring weddings and your April Fools’ Day surprise face.

*Yep, we get it. Still, wouldn’t one IRL be kind of great?

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