The place we’d most like to have a makeup shopping spree in (okay, at least top 5) Sephora has a new goodie we want to test out. It’s not a wacky nail polish or a hot new shade of lipstick or a shocking shadow — it’s all of those things. They’re testing out a new 3D augmented reality mirror that will let you try on makeup virtually. Mirror, mirror in the store…

Working with ModiFace, a leader in this type of technology, the 3D augmented reality mirror can simulate cosmetics on your face using a patented technique that tracks the exact location of your facial features. While you’re looking in the Beauty Mirror screen, Sephora’s eyeshadow palette pops up. Choose from different colors to instantly see what each looks like on your lids in 3D and in real-time. Watch someone test it out below:

The concept reminds us of our favorite after school past time: giving ourselves virtual makeovers courtesy of some sweet ‘90s/’00s software. You know what we’re talking about. Back then, we thought it was the shiz — all you had to do was take a picture, get it developed, scan it into your computer, put the CD-ROM in, upload the picture, finesse it using the basic editing tools and then, heyyy, try on hairstyles and coat your face in pixelated blush and lipstick. As nostalgic as we are for the idea, we welcome an update with open arms. Sephora’s is more than that, it is a major upgrade.

Like all the beautiful things we want to try out right this very second, this shopping life changer launched in Milan where it’s currently a bit out of (our) arms’ reach. We love the idea of trying on makeup in-store in a much more hygienic fashion than we’re accustomed to. And even though this fits into our personal dream shopping scenario, we can only assume it’s an even better an idea for the future stores we’re using it in. There are a lot of shades we wouldn’t seriously try… but if it’s as quick and easy as pressing a button, we might open our eyes to a whole new look.

What store would you most like to see an augmented reality mirror in? Oo, and did you have that hairstyle trying software growing up?! Yeah, you did ;)