The new celeb selfie trend: Face masks! We knew it. We just knew they wouldn鈥檛 be able to resist. Why would they even try? After a long day, we love taking off our makeup and sinking into a bath with our favorite face masks. We guess it鈥檚 true 鈥 celebs are just like us. After all, the face mask selfie is pretty flattering. It鈥檚 cute, playful and covers while it treats imperfections. Take a gander at all of these adorable, R+R, Instagram selfies posted by some of our favorite people to emulate.

jessie j selfie

@isthatjessiej: English born singer/songwriter Jessie J looks as great as ever in this Oilatum face mask.

mindy kaling

@mindykaling: Excuse us, Mindy Kaling, but is there anything you don鈥檛 do perfectly? Between being an amazing and hilarious writer and actress and shattering dated Hollywood standards, we think you deserve some pampering.


@bellahadid: Doe-eyed model Bella Hadid gazes out from what we鈥檙e guessing is an amazing penthouse hotel room. Hang on while we live vicariously for a second.

model leo

@tildalinstram: Oh, hey there, Leo. Model Tilda Linstram channels her inner teenager in this selfie. FYI: We totally think she could get Leo, and we totally recommend you take a look at her hilarious Instagram account.

lindsay lohan

@lindaylohan: Lindsay Lohan鈥檚 genius multi-tasking skills are at work here. She鈥檚 giving herself a little self-care while traveling. Why didn鈥檛 we think of that? Well, probably because we fly coach and everyone would stare at us. We still might try.

january jones

@januaryjones: What is it with January Jones? She just does not seem to age, but we guess now we know why. We鈥檙e upping our skincare routine starting now.


@Madonna: Of course, Madonna has joined in. Here she is, in all her glory in a and bluish-gray (might be charcoal) face mask. We鈥檙e pretty sure she can do no wrong.

heidi klum

@heidiklum: Heidi Klum, it鈥檚 official. We want to party with you. You have to be the most fun mom of four/supermodel/goddess we鈥檝e ever seen.

post 1

@mirandakerr: Miranda Kerr, when are you not flawless? We bet this mask is even from her own skincare line, which we love.

lena dunham selfie

@lenadunham: Lena Dunham always keeps us guessing in life and in art. We love seeing her in both. Wondering what the paper mask is? It鈥檚 none other than Cl茅 de Peau Beaut茅 Intensive Brightening Mask ($125).

Are you bold enough to take the no make-up face mask selfie? If so, post your insta snap in the comments below!