Serena Williams may be badass enough to have won a Grand Slam title while secretly pregnant, but that doesn鈥檛 mean she has all the answers about parenting. The tennis great took to Instagram on Sunday to ask her followers for teething advice for daughter Alexis Olympia, and it鈥檚 the most relatable thing ever.

鈥淭eething 鈥 AKA the devil 鈥 is so hard. Poor Alexis Olympia has been so uncomfortable,鈥 Williams captioned a pic of her adorable three-month-old. 鈥淪he cried so much (she never cries) I had to hold her until she fell asleep. I鈥檝e tried amber beads鈥 cold towels鈥 chew on mommies fingers鈥 homeopathic water (lol on that one), but nothing is working. It鈥檚 breaking my heart.鈥

That surely sounds familiar to many new moms who feel helpless in these moments, and Williams even admitted that she felt like she needed some mothering herself. 鈥淚 almost need my mom to come and hold me to sleep cause I鈥檓 so stressed. Help? Anyone??鈥

Williams鈥 followers chimed in with tons of responses, ranging from freezing a whole, peeled carrot, to clove oil, to old-fashioned Ambesol. One user even suggested putting a boozy dab of brandy on Alexis鈥 gums. 鈥淚 know you moms of today may not believe in it and you don鈥檛 have to state publicly if you did it but it works!鈥 she wrote.

So far, there鈥檚 no indication which, if any, of the suggestions Williams tried 鈥 but we sure hope little Alexis Olympia (and mom!) are feeling better!

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(Photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Glamour)