From Downton Abbey to uptown chic, there’s a serving utensil out there just waiting for you to wield it. Find the right one, and you’ll be dishing out everything from salad, soup, sushi, and cakes with serious style. Whether you’re quirky, kitsch, modern, or over-the-top glam, we’ve found lookers for your next dinner party that you’re going to want to scoop up stat. Get out the oven mitts: These utensils are almost too hot to handle.

1. Superior Servers ($30): The perfect mix-and-match accessory for everyday or celebratory service. Brightly colored, dipped handles never disappoint.

2. Bamboo Dipped ($12): You better believe this is the latest craze in the kitchen. Better hop on this bamboo bandwagon.

3. Carnival Hand Painted ($35): Taking on a bright vintage appeal, not only does this serving set spice up table decor but hang these stunners up on the wall, and you’ve got some kitchen decor to boot.

4. Stainless Steel Branch Skewers ($20): Get all up in that grill… with crazy branch skewers.

5. Flower Fondue Forks ($4): The craze from the ’70s is still as hip as ever. Arm your guests with these floral dipsticks, and you better believe they’ll be fonduing it all night long.

6. Multifunction Pasta Server ($15): Whoever invented this gadget is some sort of genius. Huzzah for the multifunctional pasta server. Grate, stir, and serve all in one swoop.

7. Noveau Tart Server ($20): We think these servers are kind of to die for, styled after vintage silver but designed with modern colors and material.

8. Magisso Cake Server and Slicer ($15): Now, that’s a piece of cake. The perfect slice every time.

9. French Bull Salad Servers ($12): We’re calling French Bull right now to confirm that they did indeed design these specifically for the Brit + Co. kitchen.

10. Asparagus Salad Servers ($87): Delicate and dainty, dish out veggies with veggies! So meta! Aren’t the subtle asparagus handles sweet? We think they kick major asparagus.

11. Geometric Ice Cream Party Pack ($20): I scream, you scream, we all scream for these freaking adorable little ice cream spoons.

12. Frozen Friends Ice Cream Scoop in Penguin ($10): You’re adorable. You’re dependable. And you feed our ice cream habit. Let’s make out.

13. Acrylic Glitter Tea Spoons ($28): All that glitters — must be ours.

14. Candy Stripe Teaspoon Set ($26): Hello old-timey vintage fun. Let’s go to the soda fountain. One shake. Two straws, please.

15. Kat Serving Paddles ($12): Add a vibrant dose of color to whatever you may be dishing, flipping or dipping!

16. Red Claw Lobster Cracker ($5): Is there something cannibalistic about this? Kind of, but oh well. Let’s get cracking!

17. R. Murphy Wellfleet Oyster Knife ($37): For all your bivalve pleasure, this oyster knife is the ultimate mother shucker.

18. 3 Way Chopsticks ($7): Now you can have your cake, ice cream, and sushi too!

19. Spoonplus: The spork is so last season. Check out what happens when a spoon meets chopsticks. Minds are blown.

20. The Kung Foon ($20): For most of us fork-feeders, eating rice with chopsticks is… umm… less than glamorous. When you don’t have time to eat grain by grain, grab your trusty Kung Foon.

21. Join Cutlery ($56): This is forking fantastic. Watch guests puzzle over how to get their cutlery apart. It’s free dinner party entertainment.

22. Credit Card Cutlery ($7): Eaters on the go? Stash this set of credit card cutlery in your wallet, and you’ll never be utensil-less again.

23. Pocket Utensil Set ($16): The serious backwoodsman/woman should have a pair of these stowed in their backpacks. They’re appropriate for bushwhacking for berries or cranking into a can of baked beans.

24. The Original Spork ($3): So… when we said we were totally over the spork? We weren’t being totally honest.

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