Wanna make a drastic and totally trending hair change that doesn’t require a ton of maintenance? Get ready to whip out a razor (well, maybe just make an appointment…) and fall in love with this badass hairstyle — shaved sides! Forget your typical short hairstyle and signature breakup ‘dos, and awaken your inner bad girl with this short-on-the-sides ‘do that embodies edge. Whether you rock it as an undercut or an excuse to part your hair way, way on the side, a buzzed-out cut means that much less hair to actually style, which gives you more “me time” in your morning routine. Scroll down for 11 shaved haircuts suited for lazy girls and trendsetters a like.


1. The Combover: Gone are the days when combovers were exclusively synonymous with gramps. In 2016, the look is getting some extra love and proving that edgy and low maintenance can be one in the same. (via @brittenelle)


2. Curly Undercut: Embrace those natural locks! Give your curly hair some clean-cut structure with this subtle undercut ‘do for a look that’s work-ready straight outta bed. (via @naturalbarnet)


3. 3D Shave: Who said you can’t rock layers with an undercut? Add some extra dimension to your shaved style by rocking this layered look. Bonus points for achieving this cotton-candy-pink hue too. (via @bejause)


4. Skrillex Cut: Just cause you’re ready for the razor doesn’t mean you have to part with all your hair (your glorious, glorious hair). Simply shave off one side of your head, adding a fun contrast to your long mane. (via @moonmunoz)


5. Shaved Braids: Sport some gorgeously intricate braids with your next shaved style. This versatile, laid-back look is perfect for strutting into the office or lazy bummin’ at the beach. (via @primsalon)


6. Asymmetrical Shave: Add intrigue while keeping things sweet and sleek (and totally work appropriate) in this shaved style paired with an asymmetrical cut. (via @alexys.j)


7. Buzzed Bombshell: Put a little bounce in your shaved hairstyle! These voluminous curls lend a feminine touch to a typically fierce ‘do. (via @moms_pugs_yetti)


8. Faux Braids: Wanna wear some beautiful braids without actually having to braid your hair? Take the ultimate lazy-girl route and add some faux braids to your side shave. (via @raised_by_wolves_69)


9. Classic Undercut: Let’s get serious! Capture those cool-girl vibes with this short and simple undercut. Rock a cat eye and a bold lip to keep things bold yet classy. (via @inked_kitty_95)


10. Ponytail Shave: For a more versatile shaved hairstyle, shave both sides of your long mane and tie it up in a pretty pony. Wear it down when you’re in the mood for a quieter look. (via The Style Walker)


11. Dutch Braided Shave: For a look that screams modern, add a dutch braid to your shaved style. The single plait adds a futuristic feel (a la Natalie Dormer in the Hunger Games) to your right-now ‘do. (via @muh_shell_)

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