Having short hair can feel like a love/hate relationship. Though less locks make your hair easier to maintain on a regular basis (and bonus points for built-in style — we’re looking at you, blunt bob and swag haircuts!) you may feel at a loss when comes to putting that extra oomph into our everyday do. But as always, where there’s a will… or at least a short amount of hair, there’s a way! Whether you’re contemplating loping off those long tresses and trading in for some seriously short locks or are a recent pixie/bob convert, we’ve got the 16 short hairstyles that’ll have you obsessing over everything short hair — no headbands in sight.

braided pixie

1. Braided Fringe: Whether you’re getting ready for Coachella or want to add a bit more style to that pixie cut, bring on the boho with this tiny pixie braid. (via Refinery29)


2. Half Knot: The half knot is a live and well, proving that just ’cause you’re a lazy girl doesn’t mean you can’t show off some serious style. (via @wideeyedlegless)

hat hair

3. Beret: Hat hair isn’t always such a bad thing. Channel your inner French girl and top that short mane with a stylish beret. (via @taylorlashae)


4. Slicked Back: Give your do a bit of an edge with a slicked-back look that’s as simple as it sounds. Draco Malfoy’s got nothing on you. (via Byrdie)


5. Messy Bun: Add a little texture to that tired old bun with this beautifully messy do. (via @ michelletakeaim)


6. Sweet Waves: Look effortlessly gorgeous with these seductively soft waves, perfect for vday date night. (via @raniyamordanova)


7. Clean Cut: Show off your wild side with this irresistibly clean-cut do (and feel free to go crazy with the side detailing!), proving that no fuss and fierce are one in the same. (via @thecutlife)

Side braid

8. Rocker Braids: Just because you’re hair’s short doesn’t mean you can’t rock your favorite celeb’s style. Emulate Cara D‘s bad girl ‘do with this sleek and simple braid. (via Brit + Co)


9. Half Pony Bun: Display your demure side with this poised half pony bun that takes only a minute to do! (via @michelletakeaim)

half up

10. Baby Bardot: Tease and twist those little locks and create a look that’s reminiscent of style icon Brigitte Bardot. (via The Beauty Department)


11. Pixie Curls: Look polished and playful with this fun pixie cut that shows us not all pixies were created equal. (via @thecutlife)


12. Boyish Pixie: Growing out your hair doesn’t alway have to be awkward. Go for a fresh choppy look that takes us back to our school days. (via XOVain)


13. World of Color: Try out the latest trend (color melting!) on those short locks and add some color into your everyday look. (via Work Hard Stay Humble)

short curly hair

14. Blowout: And oldie but goodie. Stick with a classic look for those shoulder-swept tresses with a romantic blowout. (via @taylorlashae)


15. Braid It: Want a break from those bangs? Keep them hidden with these side-swept braids that are both romantic and functional. (via Treasures & Travels)


16. Low Bun: Keep things sweet and simple. With this low bun you’ll have a look that can easily be taken from the office straight to the gym. (via @wideeyedlegless)

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