We’re always looking for the next way to do something cool with all the photos we take on our smartphones, and adding music or sound to our photos might just become our new obsession, especially since it’s so easy with Shuttersong.

How does it work? Once you download the free app (currently only available for iPhone), you can either take new photos or use photos from your camera roll, and add a short clip of music or a voice or sound recording to the photo. You’ll be able to preview and edit the photo before you share it as well. Once you’re happy with it you can share it via e-mail, text, Twitter, or Facebook. It’s as easy as that.

The only thing we wish was different is that when you send the photo via e-mail or text, it sends it as a link, which has to be viewed on the web. It would be much cooler if you could play the Shuttersong directly in the text message, but we’re guessing that’s more a limitation of text message apps than of Shuttersong. Check out the video below, to see how it works.

Tell us, will you try Shuttersong?