All you need is love. We learned that from four fellas from Liverpool who created one of the most iconic music groups on the planet. No band spans inter-generational taste better than The Beatles, and now Netflix is doing its part to bring the music of The Beatles to the next, next generation. The streaming service announced that they’ll premiere a new children’s show, Beat Bugs, next month that’s centered all around the music of the Fab Four. The show is about a group of five best friends who explore an overgrown suburban backyard together, all while singing music from the classic Lennon/McCartney catalogue.


But here’s the plot twist: The show has a killer soundtrack that you’ll probably want to stream immediately, regardless of whether or not there are children nearby. Pink, Sia, James Corden and Jennifer Hudson all make appearances, covering classic Beatles songs. On August 3, the day the show premieres, the soundtrack will premiere exclusively on Apple Music. It will become available to other retailers in November. Special guest appearances for seasons one and two include Pink singing “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” James Corden singing “I’m a Loser,” Aloe Blacc singing “Rain,” Robbie Williams singing “Good Day Sunshine,” The Shins singing “The Word,” The Lumineers singing “Honey Pie,” Sia singing “Blackbird,” Regina Spektor singing “And Your Bird Can Sing,” Jennifer Hudson singing “I’ll Follow the Sun,” Tori Kelly singing “I’m Happy Just to Dance With You” and several others.

Sure, it might be for kids, but dang if that’s not an all-star soundtrack! We promise we won’t tell if you stream the entire season come August. As long as you promise not to tell when we do the same when season two premieres in November.

Check out the preview for the show below.

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(Photos via Fox Photos + Netflix)