Picture this: The party is raging on. That carefully crafted playlist you spent hours on has kept your guests entertained all night with hits by Britney, Whitney, and the newly-classic Macklemore, and then… someone suggests karaoke. Sure, you’ve got your go-to song that will knock everyone’s socks off, but finding a karaoke bar at the last minute is not the easiest job. Well have no fear, the Singing Machine Home is here!

As our title suggests, this device is both a bluetooth speaker and a karaoke machine, capable of streaming over 8,000 HD videos to your TV (plenty of crooning choices for your next event). You’ll need a wifi connection and a subscription to the service to get the videos. We recommend the 48-hour party pass (hello, it’s called a PARTY PASS) for just $5. That’s way cheaper than the bar tab the last time you went down the karaoke rabbit hole ;) #dontstopbelievin

More about how it works? Alllllrighty then! You can manage the order of videos and what you want to play through the PlayQueue (PQ), which is accessible through your TV and on the web from your computer/tablet. Pick your favorites for your next event, or solo practice session in advance and be ready to karaoke anytime! You need to brush up on your Shoop lyrics, after all.

Another great feature of this sweet singing machine is the Wireless Mic-Remote. That’s right, even the accessory for the device is multi-purpose. There’s an optical trackpad in the middle of device that allows you to make video selections, manage your PlayQueue. or control the music streaming. Do you duet? In that case, you can add an additional Wireless Mic-Remote to accommodate your singing buddy. We can just hear you and your fave songbird rocking out as Monica and Brandy, Captain and Tenille, and Eminem and Rihanna.

Sleek as ever, there are no buttons on the Singing Machine Home. It automatically powers up when turning on and you can pair it by accessing the Bluetooth settings on your individual devices like your smartphone, computer and tablet. Use the Mic-Remote to transition from music streaming to karaoke and back again.

When it comes to small space dwelling, multi-purpose gadgets and gizmos are definitely where it’s at. This particular innovation is perfect for die-hard karaokers and party hosts alike. Plus, it’s yet another nod to the future of a totally connected home. It’s just a matter of time before our fridge lets us know what drinks are dwindling down or our thermostat automatically lowers the temperature when the smart door tells it that more people have arrived. Yep — that is definitely going to happen.

Now, where can you get one? The Singing Machine Home is available at major retailers, including Best Buy and Wal-Mart for $300.

When’s the last time you hit a karaoke bar? What other wireless speakers do you use on the reg? Talk to us (or sing, if you must) in the comments below.