Before you freak out, it’s not what you think. No one is trying to blast super hot air straight onto your face here. Skincare company Skin Laundry is making waves by offering a sort of “dry cleaning” service for your face, but that should be taken more figuratively than literally.


Let’s start at the beginning: Skin Laundry is a boutique skincare company that uses a revolutionary laser and light treatment to kill bacteria and vaporize dirt, pollutants and makeup. Consider it a facial for the 21st century. The company derives from the idea that the service they offer is meant to be treated like your dry cleaning: something you do on a weekly basis.

Skin Laundy offers one 10-minute, $100 service which they call the “Skin Laundry Signature Laser & Light Treatment.” Here, you slip on protective goggles as a technician goes over your face with a laser that vaporizes dirt and impurities deep down into your pores. The lasers also stimulate collagen production, breaks down pigment and evens out skin tone. After 10 minutes, skin is meant to be cleaner, clearer and visibly brighter.


While it sounds totally ideal, it isn’t meant to be a one-time thing. Yen Reis, founder of Skin Laundry, tells WWD, “If you’re looking for a quick fix, that’s not going to be us. We’re about working with you and maintaining your skin over time.” A weekly skin cleansing sesh seems like a dream, but at $100 a pop, multiple visits a month are going to add up pretty quick.

However, you might have some time to save up if you’re not currently living close to one of its existing six locations (five in California and one in Arizona). Skin Laundry is planning to open up three or four more clinics in NYC this year, undoubtedly with more to follow after that. Until then, we suggest opening up a savings account and trying out these DIY skincare hacks.

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(h/t via WWD, image via Skin Laundry)