For the weekend post-Thanksgiving, we’ve all heard of Black Friday + Cyber Monday, but there’s something that comes in between that’s also a super important consumer day. It’s called Small Business Saturday, and it’s when shoppers are encouraged to shop at their local small businesses. It was first introduced by American Express back in 2010, and a year later it was officially recognized by the US Senate. As of 2014, 67 percent of Americans had heard of Small Business Saturday, and that percentage is only growing.

But why exactly is shopping small important when all the big box stores have more variety? It makes good financial sense to shop small, and the folks at have come up with a handy dandy infographic that illustrates why.

SCORE Small Biz Saturday Infographic

Score compiled data and came up with some interesting stats since the implementation of Small Business Saturday in 2010. First, as Americans are growing more aware of Small Business Saturday, they’re already turning their attentions to local businesses on that day. From 2012 to 2014, there’s been an increase of 16 percent in local, small-business shoppers and a upward tick of $2.9 billion spent. Wow.

SCORE - - the nation's largest network of volunteer expert business mentors, has gathered statistics on the success of Small Business Saturday(R). It was launched by American Express in 2010 to encourage people to shop at small, local businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. (PRNewsFoto/SCORE Association)

But why, oh why is it so important for people to not just buy everything at their local superstore? Because more money actually stays in your community when you shop local — for every $100 you spend at a local small business, $25 more dollars stay in your neighborhood than if you were to buy at a large franchise. That makes a huge difference in the long run because it keeps your community richer.

So mark your calendars and remember to shop local!

Will you be shopping small businesses this Saturday? Tell us in the comments below!