If you can’t get enough of super cool ‘smart’ home gadgets, or just happen to love a nice glass of wine, than you’ll definitely want to check out the ultimate in tipsy technology. Introducing the smart wine bottle from Kuvée.

Kuvee Smart Wine Bottle

That’s right: a smart wine bottle. Just what you’ve surely been asking for! So how does it work? 1) “Choose: Select a Kuvée wine” (yes, it has to be a Kuvée wine). 2) “Click: Click the Kuvée Wine into the Kuvée Bottle.” 3) Pour: “Pour yourself a glass.” (they forgot to add: Enjoy you’re imbibed a$$ off). 4) Switch: “Craving something different? Simply eject the wine from your Kuvée Bottle, insert another wine and pour.” 5) More: “Purchase your favorite wines from the WiFi-connected Kuvée Bottle, for the same prices you’d pay in-store.”

While using the Kuvée wine bottle (and sleeve that actually holds the “smart” screen), you’ll be able to see details about the wine you’re drinking, how much is actually left in the bottle and yup, order more wine right from the bottle you’re holding (which is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your level of self-control).

Granted, the system currently only works with the company’s own bottles, which means it can only be used while drinking their wine, but according to their website, “At launch, Kuvée will have a curated list of 48 or more different wines representing various varietals and styles from some of the best wineries in California and the Pacific Northwest. Additional winery partners and labels will be added on an ongoing basis.” Surely you’ll be able to find a wine or two (or 48) to try out!

The first “batch” of their wine will be coming out in October of 2016, so get your tipsy techy party plans in the schedule now, wine-lovin’ ladies.

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(h/t Gizmodo, photo via Kuvee)