*This* Color Is the Hot New Hair Hue for Summer
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*This* Color Is the Hot New Hair Hue for Summer

From rainbow hair to hair stenciling, adventurous trends have been ruling our Instagram feeds all season long. But a quick scroll through IG shows that another hair shade is quickly gaining converts thanks to its outta this world, ombre appeal: smokey lilac hair.

There are so many variations on the trend, no two styles look the same. From a blend of darker, smoggier hues with touches of violet to on-trend granny gray to full-on lilac, this hot new summer look will keep everyone guessing about your next move. Bonus points: This trend works great on blondes and brunettes alike! Since there’s no time like the summer to play around with your hair color, find some inspo below and head to the salon stat.

1. Just a Hint: If going full-blown lilac isn’t in the stars for you, go for just a tint of the purple hue with your show-stopping granny gray hair. The royal shade will really stand out in the sun without hogging the spotlight.

2. Curly Locks: Shiny, bouncy barrel curls are the perfect way to show off your smokey lilac hair. Create an ombre effect by focusing the color on your spirals instead of your roots. This gives us serious hair envy!

3. Mix It Up: Are you a bit of a commitment-phobe? Can’t decide between icy blue or lilac strands? Go for both with this look that is reminiscent of stormy skies.

4. Smokey Highlights: Highlights are usually lighter than your hair (hence the name), but who says they can’t add a bit of superhero magic to your tresses? Accent your face with some smokey lilac sections for a look that is still totally on trend.

5. Purple Plaits: Combine several summer trends — smokey lilac, braids and luscious curls — to create a look that is adorbs and totally wearable. Bonus points for styling this look with a so RN half-up style.

6. Smokey Ombre: What’s dark on top, light on the bottom and moody all over? This smokey lilac ombre look, that’s what! Sport this style when you want to go from girl next door to street style star in a flash.

7. Short and Purple: This hair color trend isn’t just for people with long hair, or just women, for that matter. Keep things long on the top, short on the sides and totally lilac (put a little throughout your beard if you have one) to get heads turning.

8. Pin Straight: Sometimes you just gotta save the waves for the beach. Keep it bone straight with the help of your trusty flat iron to show off your hair colorist’s hard work.

9. Brunettes Have More: The foggy violet version of this trend looks great on raven-haired girls with long flowing hair. Use a large barrel curling iron to get ghostly waves that are to die for.

10. Acid Washed: The smokey lilac look can also work for you ’90s lovin’ grunge girls out there. Get your colorist to use a lighter hand for hair that looks perfectly washed out.

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(Featured photo via Ethan Miller/Getty)