Easter egg envy is real! While we love scouring the internet every March in search of some Instagram-worthy Easter egg decorating ideas (and for tons of pretty spring pastel dresses), we’re really after easy Easter hairstyles. Steal the show this sunny holiday with some pastel hair that’s way more festive than any old egg. With cotton candy, mermaid and unicorn styles galore gracing our Insta feeds, we’ve got 18 rainbow hairstyles that are sure to be the cherry on top of your perfect Easter Sunday.


1. Pink and Blue Ends: For a sweet splash of color, add some pink and blue shades to your natural (or bleached) blonde hair. Show off all the colors at once with a classic French braid. (via @wwd)


2. Peach and Pink: Give yourself the perfect warm-weather makeover with this statement hair color. The bright mix of peach and pink is giving us all playful summertime vibes. (via @hairandothers)


3. Underlights: Pastel hair doesn’t always have to be extreme. Choose when and where to show off those vibrant hues with some multicolored underlights. (via @alchemyhairsalon)


4. Bright Orange: Want a color that really pops? Go for that creamsicle-chic look (yes, it’s a thing) this Easter Sunday with some look-at-me orange locks. (via @wonderful_u)


5. Blonde Rainbow: Blondies, this one’s for you. Give your tresses a fun kiss of color with multicolored cotton candy shades. (via @shelleygregoryhair)


6. Light Wash Denim: Hope on the denim hair trend this Easter with a light-wash shade. This look is as chill your Sunday brunch festivities. (via @sarahmerrie)


7. Neapolitan: Finally, a dye job that embraces dark roots. Lazy girls seeking some extra color (and hoping to touch up as little as possible), should try this faded pink ombre look. (via @chrisweberhair)


8. Purple and Gray: Already rocking a light gray ‘do? Change it up with some soft lilac tones and you’ll be ready for Easter, summer and beyond! (via @shelleygregoryhair)


9. Balayage: Just ’cause your hair’s got some color doesn’t mean it can’t be (relatively) understated. Tone down your unicorn hair a bit with a warm-toned balayage style. (via @unicorn.hair)


10. Pink Highlights: Cotton candy hair newbies can test the waters by highlighting just the tips of your hair. This look is reminiscent of Rachel McAdams’s pretty-in-pink ‘do circa 2007. (via The Girls With Glasses)


11. Solid Aqua: Ready to take the plunge? Go all out — hair-wise, that is — this summer season with a solid shade of aqua. The Little Mermaid’s got nothing on you. (via @chrisweberhair)


12. Rainbow Glitter Roots: If you’re already sporting rainbow-colored hair, pump up the glam with shiny glitter roots. This look is perfect for festival season. (via @chloe_bbeauty)


13. Pure Purple: Strut into brunch looking positively royal with this multi-toned purple ‘do, a la Brit + Co’s very own Kelly Bryden. (via Brit + Co)


14. Fuchsia: For a color that’s as pretty as a summer sunset, try out this awe-inspiring fuchsia tone. To capture this look, ask for an ombre effect from bright purple to a soft pink blush. (via @heatherchapmanhair)


15. Single Streak: Not too big on bold color? For a more neutral pastel hairstyle, opt for an ashy gray base with a single streak of lavender. (via @chrisweberhair)


16. Pink Rainbow: Here is the hairstyle of your childhood fantasies. This rainbow-colored mane, heavy on the pink, would give Jem a run for her money. (via @shelleygregoryhair)


17. Pink Tint: Want a more wearable pastel pop? For a pink shade that doesn’t upstage your blonde tresses, skip the bold highlights and go for a light rose-gold tint. (via @erikadawnshear)


18. Hair Chalk: While many of us like to entertain the notion of permanent unicorn hair, it’s kind of a big commitment. Rock the look one day at a time with some washable hair chalk. (via Brit + Co)

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