You thought today was going to be just an average Thursday and then Giphy went and dropped a game changing app on you. Since GIFs are taking over the world, pushing aside emoji in the process (JK there’s room on the keyboard for both of you!!!!) the next logical step in the realm of GIF sharing is personalization. Emoji are one step ahead of you there, graphics interchange format images ;)

SO in the same vein as PHHHOTO, the premiere GIF hub (aside from RealityTVGIFs, that is) has launched a new app that lets you quickly create and share GIFs featuring you!

GIPHY CAM (Free on iOS) is essentially going to be your new fave app. After DLing it to your iPhone all you’ve gotta do is select one of 40+ filters, reactions, backgrounds, overlays or party themes then press and hold the record button for the GIF making to commence.

Working as a companion app to Giphy for Messenger (Free on iOS + Android) after you are satisfied with your creation you can easily share it with your friends for some major LOLs through text or social media (Twitter, Instagram + Facebook Messenger). I’ll only be communicating through GIFs from this day forward. Scratch that, I’ve actually been doing that for years already, sorry not sorry.

With plenty of effects to give you inspo for funny faces — from a shocked Patrick Star to a VHS effect to rose petals dropping from the ceiling and champagne bottles popping — the opportunities for GIF creating are endless. We’re serious when we say this is going to be a massive time waster. My personal fave is of course the tears for the haters effect because… duh ;)

While all the effects are a blast and a half to play around with the one thing GIPHY CAM is lacking at the moment is the ability to combine multiple effects into one GIF. Here’s hoping with the next update you’ll be able to don a kitty face while enjoying a taco salad as someone makes it rain dollar bills on you. And with that I leave you with the following GIF, now go forth and create your own.

Will you be DLing GIPHY CAM? Let us know in the comments and tweet your GIF to us @britandco.