It’s the end of a long Monday and it’s time for some eye candy. But don’t be fooled by the saccharine look of this candy-colored sculpture — it’s made out of cleaning supplies! #springcleaning

Created by artist Nick van Woert, So Fresh and So Clean is modern piece of art comprising everyday house cleaning supplies and toiletries. It combines the meaning of cleanliness in an artful way, inviting you in with color and line.

Here’s the laundry list (pun intended) of everything that’s encapsulated in this piece:

– Pledge Floor Cleaner

– kitty litter

– Spic-N-Span

– charcoal

– aluminum

– white foam

– clear hair gel

– Simple Green bathroom cleaner

– yellow hair gel

– pink insulation foam

– sheetrock powder

– red hair gel (what?)

– paint texturizer

– concrete asphalt felt

– Pine-Sol

– blue hair gel (rave days are back again)

– fiberglass insulation

– mouthwash

– ceiling tiles

– blue insulation foam

– yellow insulation foam

Yeah. All of that.

The sculpture is 70 x 54 x 60 inches. That’s a whole lot of cleanliness ;)

What we like about this piece is how beautiful some of these supplies look when taken out of the cleaning context. Green mouthwash turns into an emerald band of color; pink insulation foam transforms into cotton candy; and blue hair gel? Well, that stays looking pretty much like blue hair gel.

What unusual pieces of art have you seen lately? Talk to us in the comments below.