We’re nerds for Apple news around here and today’s checks off an extra box. Not only is there proof of a new MacBook idea in the works, but this one is solar-powered. Excuse us, sorry, we just died and went to tech, renewable energy heaven.

The super spies over at Apple Insider report that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent for what looks like a solar-powered version of the MacBook on Tuesday. The patent is for an “electronic device display module,” a two-sided glass laptop display unit. It has the MacBook’s normal screen on the front and in the back, holds photovoltaic cells that could be used for charging up using the sun’s rays.

The MacBook Sun (yes, that’s what we’re calling it around here — Apple, give us a ring if you want to use it) also has a touch input and a secondary display panel in the back made of a special glass that can switch from slate to translucent to transparent to allow for a rear-facing display when activated by a user.

Forget the cookie dough Oreo, this is our version of taking something we love and making it better.

Would you upgrade to a solar-powered laptop? How much do you think it will cost and how much would you drop on a new model? Sound off below!