Is there anything the Spice Girls can鈥檛 do? Hot on the heels of a reunion tour (squee!) announcement, the fab five + co also show off their DIY skills this week, with Mr. David Beckham sewing鈥 (wait for it鈥 ) doll clothes(!) and Geri Horner (formerly Haliwell) whipping up a carrot cake (of course she likes orange cake!) for nephew Alastair. They鈥檙e in good company, with Kelly Osbourne trying her hand at baking and Courtney Sixx showing us all how to punch up a pair of otherwise basic heels. Check out our faves below!

david becks

Victoria Beckham: Posh Spice captures this super adorable snap of husband David stitching daughter Harper鈥檚 doll dresses, using the even cuter captions of 鈥淲e love you @davidbeckham #lovingdaddy, #proudmummy and #familyfun.鈥 Can you even? (via @victoriabeckham)


Making carrot cake- my own version 馃

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Geri Horner (Haliwell): Victoria鈥檚 former bandmate and gal pal for life, Geri Haliwell, got handsy in the kitchen this week, with this ever-so-slightly skeptical vid: 鈥淚鈥檓 making carrot cake鈥he mixture looks a little bit鈥rrrr,鈥 she shares. No worries, Geri. The finished product looks a-ok to us! (via @therealgerihaliwell)


Katie Holmes: Katie keeps her artwork enigmatic, posting only this shot of her covered in paint. (via @katieholmes212)


Vanessa Hudgens: Vanessa, aka Rizzo 2.0, (Grease: Live, anyone?) creates the perfect spring art, using flowers as her medium. 鈥淧etal art!鈥 she writes. (via @vanessahudgens)


Kelly Osbourne: Kelly keeps it real when it comes to cooking: 鈥淚 baked these blueberry muffins from scratch this morning, they look amazing but taste like shit!鈥 Well then! On the bright side, your serving ware is TDF (get it?), Kels! (via @kellyosbourne)


Alexa Chung: Alexa gets some help from a mysterious little helper on this piece, entitled 鈥淒rawing with 12-year-old legends.鈥 (via @chungalexa)


Courtney Sixx: Ever the how-to Queen, Courtney shows us how to jazz up spring footwear this week with these bejeweled beauts. (via @how2girl)


LeAnn Rimes: We love these rustic homemade Easter baskets LeAnn Rimes put together up for stepkids Mason and Jake. (via @leannrimes)

Ruby Rose: Ruby鈥檚 pal Nina Dobrev created her own canvas against Ruby鈥檚 advice: 鈥淪tarting the wall of fame!鈥, she says as she traces her hand onto the wall with a sharpie. 鈥淵ou can鈥檛 just go writing on people鈥檚 walls, Nina! It鈥檚 not a thing!鈥 Ruby objects. 鈥淲ell, it is now,鈥 she counters. Point, Dobrev. (via @rubyrose)

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