Viral pregnancy announcement videos have been making a lot of headlines lately, like the woman who surprised her partner with an Apple Watch that was actually a pregnancy test reveal! People get really creative with these videos — some are traditional and sweet and others are a little geeky, like this perfect video game-inspired one. As these viral videos keep hitting the web, each one is definitely getting harder and harder to top. Still… we can almost 100 percent guarantee that you’ve never seen a pregnancy announcement video quite like this one. When Los Angeles-based wedding photographers Gavin and Judy Holt got pregnant, they put their creative minds together to create an announcement like the world has never seen.

The video is the perfect combo of creepy, campy and funny, and follows the traditional trajectory of every classic horror movie: Start with an idyllic premise then keep amping up the scary. Also, add in plenty of eerie sound effects and running scenes for ultra creepiness. Besides, when you think about it, pregnancy can be kind of strange — which is what makes this video so perfect. This video does a good job of celebrating something fun and special but also satirizing it in the process.

Despite the scary announcement, dad-to-be Gavin, who was tasked with producing the video, seems pretty pumped about the whole impending parenthood thing. “Thanks to my loving wife Judy and our new family that we will start together,” he wrote in the video description. “This video may be scary, but starting a family with her is anything but!”

Here’s to you, Baby Holt, and every other infant that goes bump in the night!

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