WARNING: What lies ahead is pretty freakin’ cute.

Pregnancy announcements are so fun. Normally, they arrive in the mail and involve a catchy phrase (Jen’s got a bun in the oven!) written in beautiful typography. We’ve seen some pretty creative photographs, too. But this loving little family has taken their announcement to a whole new level. And oh baby, is it creative!

In 2012, the pair who’s known by the YouTube username bornonboard shared a time lapse video on YouTube documenting their first pregnancy. It was a clever and fun way to introduce their daughter Amelie to the world. The 90-second video went viral, reaching over 11.5 million views. Two years later, the family of three is back and welcoming a new member of the family named Mila! Watch their adorable nine-month journey below.

We are loving this video for so many reasons. It’s so well done, from the super happy music playing in the background to little Amelie running around the living room. It’s one of those videos that makes you smile… and secretly jealous that you didn’t come up with the idea first. We think we found a use for that digital camera you have been ignoring for the last year or so…

What is the most creative baby announcement you’ve seen? What was yours like? Talk to us in the comments below!

(h/t A Plus)