PSA: Spring鈥檚 official arrival is a mere five days away. We鈥檙e definitely starting to refresh our wardrobe with some fun floral prints, but to celebrate to change of seasons, a new hairstyle may also be in order 鈥 at least, it has been for a handful of celebs. And while you may expect the spring hair makeovers of Hollywood to reflect a lightened version of their winter locks, that doesn鈥檛 appear to be the case.


Last week, Modern Family鈥檚Sarah Hyland surprised us by posting a photo on Instagram that showed that her trademark, ashy brunette color had been replaced by a shade her stylist calls, 鈥渢extured truffle.鈥 While traditionally, the dark color would have been rocked during winter and the highlighted one during spring, it appears as though Sarah paid no mind to the fashion faux pas.


Following along a similar path, Shailene Woodley recently debuted the exact same hair transformation while at the premiere of Allegiant. Instead of her balayage color, Shailene went for a deep, espresso-inspired hue.


And then there鈥檚 Bella Thorne. (Three makes a trend, right?) A few weeks back, the teen star who鈥檚 famous for her long, red locks decided to switch things up by instead opting for a light shade of brown she鈥檚 dubbed, 鈥brownie hair.鈥 While Bella鈥檚 change-up isn鈥檛 quite as dramatic as Sarah and Shailene鈥檚, it鈥檚 still going against the norm.

Now, don鈥檛 get us wrong 鈥 we love a lightened up hairstyle as much as the next beauty buff 鈥 but we have to admit, this is a pleasant surprise. Lighter colors are notorious for requiring more upkeep, and maybe celebs have finally had enough. Could this be the lazy girl-approved hair trend that鈥檚 about to take over Hollywood this spring? We鈥檙e going to go ahead and say yes.

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(Photo via @therealsarahhyland and Jason Merritt/Jamie McCarthy/Neilson Barnard/Michael Kovac/Michael Kovac/Getty)