March marks the beginning of spring, and with that comes new beginnings, (hopefully) sunnier days and that incessant need to purge, organize clutter and clean every single room in your home. To help kick off the spring cleaning season, we consulted with organization guru Jeffrey Phillip on exactly what needs to be purged come springtime. First up on the list: that overstuffed closet. If the thought of throwing out your precious wardrobe makes you cringe, there’s no need to run the other way and let that minor-ish hoarding habit of yours take over. Jeffrey’s suggestions are all about focusing on quality pieces and letting go of anything that’s just fluff. Plus, there’s even some shopping tips!


Jeffrey says that the key to successful closet organization is to not think of it as a chore: Think of it as an opportunity to make room for a wardrobe update (hello, leopard print). While a closet detox isn’t super fun, having a space that isn’t bursting at the seams with clutter will help you dress more creatively and make that morning routine a little bit easier. See all of the must-purge items below, and get ready to tackle this closet project in the coming week.

1. Smelly Athletic Gear: Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many cleaning tips and tricks you try. Those shirts can only handle so many sessions of hot yoga before they insist on holding on to the stink. If you can’t get it clean, get rid of it.

2. Clothing You Haven’t Worn in the Last Year: No excuses. Whether you’re thinking of trying a minimalist closet or you want to upgrade your essentials, the one-year rule is a great way to purge your space of the pieces you never wear, and make room for ones you will.

3. Wire Dry Cleaner Hangers: They’re ugly, they take up a lot of space, they’re noisy and they stretch out your clothes. It’s a no brainer, guys.


4. Socks and Underwear With Holes or Worn-Out Elastic: Holes are not sexy and neither are stretched-out intimates. Lose anything sagging, damaged or stained, and treat yourself to new underwear this month. You deserve it!

5. Socks Without a Friend: Sorry guys, but the dryer really does eat socks, and they’re never coming back. If those socks have been single for a while now, it’s probably time to throw them out. You’ll need the space for all that new underwear, after all.

6. Broken Hangers: There really is no way to fix a hanger. If it doesn’t hang, it’s time to toss it. Replace those broken ones with some slim velvet ones to really make the space feel clean and cohesive.

7. Stained Tees or Tanks: Just because you might use it as an undershirt or bottom layer doesn’t mean it gets a free pass. Ditch these sad duds, and you wont have to feel self-conscious while stretching at work.

8. Extra Buttons and Sewing Thread from New Clothes: These easily pile up and almost never get used. Put together a little sewing kit with all the essentials, and then throw away all the other buttons and threads.

9. Returns or Exchanges from Holiday or Birthday Gifts: After all the holiday gift-giving, it’s inevitable that you ended up with some things you don’t love. Instead of letting them take up space in the back of your closet, commit to getting everything returned or exchanged for things you’ll actually use.

10. Earrings Without a Mate, or Any Broken and Unfixable Jewelry: The craft lover in us wants to hang on to every bent piece of bling, but in reality, you’re probably not going to fix that necklace. Make space for new jewelry, accessories and sunglasses to welcome the spring season in style.

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