Messy twists, messy buns, messy braids and messy curls. Uneven parts, zig-zag parts, side parts or center parts. Low braids, low buns and low ponies, tied messily — with twine, even, if that’s all you have on hand. Judging from the runway shows, the spring hair look can be summed up in two words: Hot mess. It’s a look we love! It means we can ditch the curling iron, flat iron and defrizzers and embrace our natural hair, whether curly or straight. The messy-hair look is also great news for those of us partial to our beauty sleep. We can now get in a few more ZZZs that would normally be put toward doing our hair in the morning. Go ahead, sleep in: Here are 18 five-minute hairdos that will shave time off your morning routine.

Messy waves are the look for long hair this spring. We love the boho vibe of them. If you don’t have naturally wavy hair, roll your hair into curls, pin them, and douse with hairspray or a leave-in conditioner. When the curls have set, unpin them and shake out your hair, running your fingers lightly through to separate the messy waves. Or try this quick and easy hair hack to get casual waves.

Bangs are still in whether blunt or messy, short or long, swept back or face-framing. Before choosing a style, consider the shape of your face and forehead. If you have a round face, go for layers; an oblong face, go for straight; a heart-shaped face looks great with a messy side part. Blunt bangs work great on a long face and a large forehead. These 15 Instababes will make you want bangs. If you are still recovering from the trauma of trying to grow out the last bangs you had, it’s fun to get the look temporarily with a pinned-in hair piece.

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