Calling all Jedis! If you’re a true Star Wars super fan, be prepared to be in terrestrial ecstasy from the Star Wars Scene Maker app for iPad. It allows you to play the part of George Lucas by creating your very own version of a scene from the epic Sci-Fi saga. You don’t even need to hire a production crew.

Thanks to Disney, kids (and adults) can build their own Star Wars stories by choosing their own characters, picking a scene and even adding personalized voice overs with character filters. You can also use the built-in score for dramatic background music. Nerdy? Yes. Creative? Absolutely!

This free app is perfect for fanatics who are curious about changing the original Star Wars script. What would happen if Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader never even met?! You can literally rewrite the scenes, controlling everything from weapons and ships to camera angles and character dialogue.

The built-in scenes include the Battle of Endor, the Cloud City duel and the Death Star Trench Run, but you can purchase additional scenes for $3. Once your masterpiece is recorded, share your story with the entire universe (or just your friends). May the force be with you!

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(h/t: Tech Crunch)