Zendaya, one of the fiercest millennial celeb voices out there, has never been afraid to show her personality and confidence, whether it’s through her beauty advice, her career decisions (she fired her publicist for not standing up for her!) or her fashion sense.

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Recently, at a fashion show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she proved once again that she’s a risk taker. She’s taken a knit above-the-knee dress and put it over a more bohemian skirt, which is genius for several reasons. The first is that she’s using texture to her advantage — the knit on top of the flowy fabric gives her that coveted “I just threw this together look” fashion people are always talking about.

The second is that she’s mixing together two totally different fashion personalities — bohemian and sleek/modern — for a look that’s totally her own. And she’s getting double use out of something that might have been only used for one purpose before, to boot.

If this is something you’re considering trying(and you should be!), look for pieces that can be mixed together for an element of surprise. Start simple: Find a pairing that makes you feel dang good. Try picking a skirt length that works for you — if you’ve always been a midi girl, this is the time to bust one of those out, or if you’re more of an above the knee gal, go with a tunic-like top to help account for a shorter skirt. Experiment! It’s exactly how the pros achieve their looks.

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